Easter Eggsters Are the New Elf on the Shelf — But Way Less Creepy

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I don’t know about your kids, but mine are already dropping hints about what they hope will appear in their Easter baskets this year. (My 4-year-old has been super direct with his desire to eat chocolate carrots — but definitely not candy corn — for breakfast on Easter morning.) And just like other major holidays, the run-up to Easter has already meant I’m wrangling wild kids who are just too excited to behave.

That’s where the Easter Eggsters come in. You’ve long known about the magic of Elf on the Shelf to help rein in the holiday excitement in kids. But now, it looks like Easter might just get the same treatment.

Easter Eggsters come in four different colored plastic eggs, with one of four forest critters inside: a raccoon, squirrel, a skunk, or a bunny — each for $34.95. The egg is accompanied by a book that gives the Eggster’s origin story and lets kids’ imaginations run wild.

The goal? Just like the Elf on the Shelf, Easter Eggsters are meant to watch over kids and be a constant reminder to behave, lest the Easter Bunny find out. (In other words: They’re your secret weapon for getting your kids to be good — for at least a week.) According to the story on the Eggster website, each night after kids go to sleep, the Eggster friend skips back to the Easter Bunny to give a behavior report. If the kids get a good report, their Eggster will help the Easter Bunny create an Easter basket filled with goodies to leave out for them on Easter Eve.

“We have always been huge fans of the Elf on the Shelf,” explains Destiny Schuenke, the mom and creative mind behind the Eggsters. The concept came to her one day shortly after her daughters asked who helps the Easter Bunny out. Because surely, he has an army of elves just like Santa … right?

Image Source: Easter Eggsters

“He told me it has always been his little forest friends that have helped him,” Schuenke told her kids. “The Easter Bunny loves how Santa’s elves help watch over children so much that he decided to do the same thing. Each fall, he has classes then tryouts for the little forest animals. Those that make it get an EE badge on their chest and they are officially Easter Eggsters.”

And so, “with a touch of magic”, Schuenke says the Easter Bunny turns the elves into toys “so that they can come to homes to be his eyes and ears for the Easter season.”

Image Source: Easter Eggsters

Just like the mischievous Elf on the Shelf, Easter Eggsters will occasionally get themselves into trouble once the sun goes down. After all, it can’t be easy watching over sleeping kids after a day of not moving a muscle.

“The Easter Eggsters are so funny and like all animals are unpredictable on what they will do,” Schuenke shares with Babble. “While children sleep the raccoons occasionally get in the trash, bunnies leave jelly bean trails around the house, the skunks … well you can just imagine … and the little squirrels have been found on bird feeders many times.”

But just how far they go (read: how intense you make the game) is up to parents. They’re intended to be lighthearted, fun, and not at all stressful. Plus, they’re also more engaging for kids, since unlike the Elf on the Shelf, kids are allowed to play with the Eggsters whenever they want, without causing them to lose their magic.

But their biggest selling point? Let’s be real — the Eggsters are pretty adorable. (I mean, just look at those adorable critter faces!) So if you’ve ever felt a bit creeped out by the Elf’s intense stare, as he looks back at you from his place on the mantle, Eggsters might be more your speed.

Happy (almost) Easter!

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