“Frightfully” Easy Group Costume Ideas Everyone in Your Family Will Love

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A family dressed in a matching Star Wars group costume stands on the front steps of a home, preparing to knock.
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It’s that time of year again! After 11 solid months of brainstorming your next family Halloween costume (just me?), it’s finally time to take the plunge. Except now that October 31st is right around the corner, the options can start to feel … well, a bit overwhelming.

Fear not, moms — you don’t have to spend hours hunched over your craft table, trying to fashion together something you once saw on Pinterest. Party City has a huge selection of ready-to-wear, family-friendly costumes inspired by Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel that the whole fam will love. And best of all, they’ll cause you zero stress.

A family wearing an Incredibles 2 group costume stands smiling in the foyer of a home.
Image Source: ©Disney. Photo by Rosie Maxhimer for Babble

The Incredibles

Chances are, your kids sat in awe while watching Incredibles 2 in theaters earlier this year. (I know mine did!) If it also set off lightbulbs in your head for the prefect family costume, I’m right there with you. These costumes sure are pretty super — and incredibly comfortable. (See what I did there?)

Don’t have a family of five to play each character? Just pick up an action figure or stuffed toy version of the remaining characters to round out the set! Problem solved.

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A family dressed in a Nightmare Before Christmas group costume poses against a gold sequined backdrop.
Image Source: ©Disney. Photo by Rosie Maxhimer for Babble

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another way to create great family costumes is to go the “mini me” route. These Jack Skellington and Sally costumes come in both adult and kid sizes, so you and your kiddos can match while recreating The Nightmare Before Christmas in all its spook-tacular glory.

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Three girls stand in a Disney Princess group costume in front of a staircase. A cat is seen on the top step, reaching a paw down.
Image Source: ©Disney. Photo by Rosie Maxhimer for Babble

Disney Princess

If you aren’t feeling the whole family costume thing, but are planning to trick-or-treat with friends, it’s always fun to have a bit of a theme going with the little ones. And is there anything cuter than girls dressing up in wonderous Disney Princess costumes? I really don’t think so.

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A family of four stands posing in a Star Wars group costume — Mom as Leia, Dad as Darth Vadar, and two kids as Chewbacca and a stormtrooper.
Image Source: ©Disney. Photo by Rosie Maxhimer for Babble

Star Wars

Talk about an eternal classic. Party City has plenty of fun Star Wars costumes in a variety of sizes, so you can all channel your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away.

Does your 7-year-old want to be a stormtrooper? No problem. Thinking of going as Princess Leia yourself? You got it.

My own daughter is obsessed with Chewbacca — and granted, she’s only 2 and thinks he’s a giant teddy bear, but she’s pretty strong-willed. So if she wants to be Chewbacca, she’s gonna be Chewbacca.

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Four children stand in front of a fold sequined backdrop, posing as various Avenger characters from Marvel comics.
Image Source: ©Disney. Photo by Rosie Maxhimer for Babble


Got some strong-willed kids yourself, who all have different ideas of what they want to be for Halloween? Try going for a broader theme. Marvel costumes are perfect for that, and give everyone a bit more wiggle room for deciding who they want to be — whether that’s Spider-Man, Captain America, The Wasp, or Shuri from Black Panther.

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A toddler sits on the floor in an Incredibles 2 costume, smiling.
Image Source: ©Disney. Photo by Rosie Maxhimer for Babble

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, the family costume thing feels a bit more manageable now, and (most of all) stress-free.

Here’s to a fun-filled night of trick-or-treating, playing pretend, and sneaking a good portion of our kid’s candy stash after they go to sleep. (Oops, did I just say that out loud? Ahem, I mean a ghost, a ghost came in the night and ate all the candy!)

Check out Party City for more great Halloween costume options the whole family will love.

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