Ed Sheeran Donates Guitar to Help Little Girl Struggling with Terminal Illness

Ed Sheeran with Melody
Image Source: Karina Driscoll

Ed Sheeran just donated a signed guitar to one special family in need, who he’s been following since 2016 — proving yet again that he has a heart of gold.

Melody Driscoll, an 11-year-old girl that suffers from Rett Syndrome, an incurable disease that affects the brain, has been a super fan of Sheeran’s for quite some time. She is also one very sick little girl who is fighting for her life as her condition gets worse, and as her parents struggle to keep her comfortable from debilitating pain.

To catch you up: In 2016, Ed Sheeran heard that Melody was a fan, and used his music often to help her fight through pain and struggles related to her illness. He surprised her once in the hospital, and it became apparent that he was even more touched by her story after meeting her. He followed up that meeting with a private concert in May.

Since that time, Melody’s parents have been trying to do what they can to keep Melody from suffering. According to The Mirror, doctors are trying to take away the pain medication that she uses to get through every day, because they are worried that it is causing damage to her liver. So Melody’s parents are in a legal battle to keep her daughter’s pain manageable so she can be comfortable.

In speaking with Babble, Melody’s mother Karina shared that they are facing some major hurdles right now with her care.

“We want to get her medications reinstated so she’s not left in pain and get back her quality of life. But to try and do that, we need to break her out of Kings Hospital as our parental rights mean nothing there. They take away her medications without telling us or asking for our consent. They do tests without telling us or asking our consent. Melody’s spark is fading away in front of our eyes.”

When Ed Sheeran heard that the family is facing a legal battle in addition to their medical costs, he decided to step in and do something to help — proving yet again that when he says he wants to help this family, he really means it. Sheeran has since given them a signed guitar, so they can auction it off and use the money to help pay for their legal fight for Melody.

Image Source: Karina Driscoll

When Melody’s mother found out that Sheeran was willing to donate the guitar, she was shocked.

“We couldn’t believe the support he continues to give to Melody,” she tells Babble. “It’s very overwhelming that a major celebrity could have such a bond with our beautiful little girl. He has the biggest heart in the world and will make an incredible father one day.”

She said the entire team that works with Sheeran has been amazing to work with, too.

The real hero in all of this, though, is Melody — who continues to battle an awful illness, and yet remains a light to so many around her. The bond between Melody and Ed is something truly special to see, too.

Melody playing guitar
Image Source: Karina Driscoll

“Melody adores Ed, and for him to adore her back shows how truly special she is in other people’s eyes, not just our own,” her mother says. She also admits how much it means to them that Ed doesn’t treat their little girl differently because of her condition.

Melody’s family is extremely grateful to have someone like Sheeran in their lives. And, this latest act shows just how special of a person he is.

“We can’t thank him enough for what he’s doing for Melody,” says Karina. “The day he came into Melody’s life was the day God sent us an angel to watch over her.”

And, we know that Ed Sheeran certainly is that angel for Melody — which is something truly remarkable to see.

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