Elle Fanning Fulfills Her Princess Dreams in Maleficent

Elle-FanningWhen you think of a Disney princess the first image that pops into your head might be animated. You can now replace that image with a very real image of a very real actress. Elle Fanning is perfectly cast as Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) in Disney’s Maleficent. When she walks into a room there might as well be birds trailing after her tying bows and chirping songs.

I met with Elle last week and you should know she is completely radiant and sunshine and it is impossible to not smile as she gushes about how thrilled she was to land such a fun role. Well not just any role, her dream role. Elle explains, “whenever anyone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say, ‘a Disney princess.'”

While Elle has been preparing for the role of Aurora her entire life, she still wanted to make sure she brought parts of the characters physicality from the animation into her performance. “She’s drawn a certain way. She holds her hands with these little gestures.”

Elle was excited to film one of the most famous scenes of the film: the moment when Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on the spindle. It is the scene Elle always remembered scaring her from the Disney animated film when she was a child and it was important for Elle to have some of the same elements within Maleficent.

“It scared me more than Maleficent did because of the way the lights were and it looked like Aurora was morphing into Maleficent, like, with that green and purple light. So I was like, “We have to have those lights.”

One thing Elle doesn’t get to experience that most Disney princesses do is performing a fantastic song within the film. I asked Elle if she was bummed out that she was cast as a princess without a song.

Gracefully, Elle explains that Lana Del Rey’s rendition of “Once Upon a Dream” is perfect for the trailer.

Listen to Lana Del Ray perform “Once Upon a Dream” here:

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