Ellen Quizzed Chrissy Teigen on John Legend Trivia and She Was Truly Stumped

There are few celebs I can honestly say I can’t get enough of — and topping that list (right next to Kristen Bell) is Chrissy Teigen. But we all know I’m far from alone there. The supermodel mom, cookbook author, and wife to John Legend has tweeted her way into our hearts in the last few years with her hilarious truth bombs about … well, pretty much everything.

She’s admitted that kids (much as we love ’em) can be real buzzkills sometimes. She’s called out Twitter trolls for mom-shaming her. And she’s gotten super honest about the weirder parts of giving birth.

She’s also not afraid to put her relationship out there for all to see, as evidenced by her recent appearance on Ellen Monday afternoon, during which Teigen got a pop quiz on her husband during a pretty epic round of “You Don’t Know Jack About John.”

And it turns out … yep, she doesn’t know jack.

Among the many (many) things Teigen totally spaced on when it came to her husband of 5 years? The album he won his first Grammy for (“Get Lifted”), which 50 Shades soundtrack he was on (the first), and — get this — what his phone number is.

“What’s the name of the band John was a part of in the movie La La Land?” asked Ellen. To which a somewhat panicked Teigen replied, “There’s no choices?!”

To be fair, Teigen did get a few questions right — like John’s middle name, which is apparently Roger (who knew?) — but the rest I suppose we can blame on some good ole’ pregnancy brain. The model is currently expecting her second child, a baby boy, later this spring. And as she shared on the Today Show earlier this month, she’s already getting all mama bear about him.

“I’m so excited because [Luna Simone] is such a daddy’s girl,” Teigen shared. “They say that boys just love their mamas. I’m already thinking about how much I’m not going to like his girlfriend. I can’t believe it, it’s crazy!”

Clearly there’s a long way to go before Baby No. 2 will be bringing home dates. But something tells us Teigen will be a pretty chill mom about the whole thing, once the time comes.

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