Emily Blunt Gets Super Real About Postpartum Life: “I Didn’t Shower for a Week”

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It’s always super refreshing to find out a celeb does the mom thing a whole lot like you do. And ladies, it looks like Emily Blunt is my soul sister. Maybe even yours, too.

The British actress, who stars in the just-released thriller Girl on a Train, recently sat down with InStyle magazine for a candid (and at times, hilarious) interview. And by the sound of things, it seems her glamorous side gets left pretty much at the door when she takes on the role of mom.

Blunt, who’s married to actor John Krasinski (of The Office fame), is mom to and Hazel, age 2, and Violet, 5 months, whom she was pregnant with while filming. And just like most moms handling two kids under two (or really, kids, period), she’s got a lot going on.

As she sat down to lunch writer Amy Synnott, Blunt opened up the menu and immediately got real: “I’m still breast-feeding, so I am hungry all the time.”

SO TRUE. You think you’re hungry when you’re pregnant, but when you’re nursing you’re pretty much STARVING 24/7 — and now you finally have room to fit all that extra food into your belly.

Blunt had a couple of more truth-bombs to share about the postpartum period, too. Like how a few basic things fall way down on your list of priorities after giving birth. Case in point: showering.

“After we got home from the hospital, I didn’t shower for a week,” Blunt admitted.

It’s one thing for moms to say they don’t shower as often as they used to (this is 100% true for me, and for so many other moms out there); but I adore Blunt for giving us some exact figures here. I’m pretty sure I didn’t shower for at least a few days after both my babies were born (although I can say with certainty that I showered at some point right after the birth, because ewwww).

Blunt also recounted that soon after Violet was born, she attempted to go out to dinner with her husband John, “just to prove to ourselves that we could feel normal for a second.”

Joke was on them, though.

“I could last only about an hour because my boobs were exploding,” Blunt says of that first attempt at date night. “When the milk first comes in, it’s like a tsunami.” (True that.)

“It’s a zoo!” she blurted out. “When there was just one kid, somebody would get to sit down. Now nobody gets a break.”
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For sure, breastfeeding can be anything but glamorous. And pair those exploding breasts with postpartum sweats, screaming babies, and spit-up covered everything.

As for how she and her family are handling the transition from one kid to two? Blunt pulls absolutely no punches.

“It’s a zoo!” she blurted out. “When there was just one kid, somebody would get to sit down. Now nobody gets a break.”

I think that about sums it up. I absolutely thought my one wild-child son was a ton of work, but at least it was possible to get a break when my husband was around. Thankfully, like Blunt, I was blessed with a very involved partner, which makes all the difference in the world when you’re going through the transition of expanding your family.

“John is the most unbelievable daddy,” said Blunt. “He prioritizes Hazel so she doesn’t miss me too much because I’ve been so consumed with the baby.”

And it seems to be helping. Blunt also shared that her daughter Hazel is growing into her role as big sister pretty well — or at least, without causing too much harm to her little sister.

“There have been no physical attacks or suffocations,” Blunt quipped. “She fluctuates between complete disinterest and moments of sheer passion.”

LOL. I will say that even after four years, my own two boys are pretty much still like this: Either they’re totally psyched to have each other as playmates, or running out of the room screaming that they wished the other had never been born.

As for what to expect next from her after Girl on a Train opens, she’ll be starring as Mary Poppins in the 2018 Disney sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. Blunt also shared that she’ll be providing a voice for an upcoming adaption of the TV show, My Little Pony. And while that may seem like a departure from her usual acting gigs, she says she’s looking forward to it, because she knows her daughters will get to enjoy them sooner rather than later.

But her favorite thing about doing voiceovers? “I like to show up for work in my pajamas,” she admitted.

Ummmmm, yep — it’s official: Emily Blunt and I are soul sisters. Would it be too creepy if I called her up for a playdate? She could totally show up in her PJs.

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