This Family’s Holiday Card Is Winning the Internet This Week for One Hilarious Reason

Okay, I’m not going to lie: Family photos are cute, and if everyone cooperates, they can even be a lot of fun. Our extended family is huge — totaling over 30 people — and still, every few years, we move mountains to all be in the same place for at least an hour so we can get one good family photo in. With 14 kids in the family, there’s always at least one crying and one trying to run off somewhere. But it’s real and it’s us. And for many, there’s no better time of the year than the holidays to take that memorable family shot. Especially if you have a sense of humor. Just ask Emily Seawright, who shared her family’s latest holiday photo on Twitter this week, and the Internet is LOVING it.

Whether it be the first day of school, a pregnancy or engagement announcement, or a birthday milestone, people love taking pictures with signs (especially the chalkboard kind). That extra details adds just the right amount of flair and often shares exciting news with family and friends. And the Internet world (of course). That’s just what Emily’s family decided to do this year, sharing their exciting updates in a holiday photo — with one hilarious twist.

As shared in her now-viral tweet, each member of Emily’s family held up a sign in their 2017 holiday snapshot. “Excited!” reads her parents’ sign. Why? Probably because the couple next to them is holding an “Engaged!” sign, and another next to them an “Expecting!” sign. As for Emily? Her sign is what’s winning the Internet this week, as it reads “Emily.”

YEP. Not engaged. Not expecting. Maybe excited? We don’t know. But for now, she’s just “Emily”, and she looks pretty happy about it.

Everyone who’s fielded that uncomfortable question on Thanksgiving from Great Aunt Carole who asks, “When are you going to get married?” Or from Grandma, who puts you and your new husband on the spot with 52 “When will I get grandkids?” inquiries understands. We’ve all been an “Emily” at some point.

There have been years when I could have held up a “Working hard on my career!” sign or “Finally NOT pregnant or nursing!” or “Done wiping butts!” (Well I’m still waiting on that last one, but I would definitely hold up that sign with pride.) So I get you, Emily. I love your sign and love you for holding it up and sharing it on Twitter for us all to enjoy.

The Internet loved her sign as well, sharing her tweet nearly 46,000 times so far. All the Emilys out there are saying “Yessssss! Thank you, Emily! I am good right where I am, thanks! No spouse or baby, and that’s okay!”

Twitter users have also replied with some hilarious responses and tweets of their own (like, “Relationship status: Emily”) and have also shared their own family photos, with them standing off to the side, no spouse, significant other, or growing belly included. For some, it may be awkward. But if you’re like Emily, it’s hilarious and something to have fun with.

We wish Emily the happiest of holidays and can’t wait to see next year’s holiday card!

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