Emma Stone Cried Over Chat With Mel B., Is Probably Spice Girls #1 Fan

If you’ve ever wondered who holds the title of Spice Girls Number One Fan, Emma Stone cried when she “met” Mel B. over video, so we may have a contender.

I’m not kidding. Stone was in Australia promoting the Amazing Spider Man when she appeared on Australia 2Day and the hosts hooked her up with Mel B. via video chat. The hosts told her at first that Mel B. wasn’t there.

“Wait, Mel B. could have been here? I’m gonna cry.”

Then Stone proceeded to do just that, while they called Mel B. up on the video screen. Emma cried some more. Then she giggled, and talked about what a big Spice Girls fan she is. It was getting unbearably cute when Mel B. told her that her punishment for “liking Baby Spice more” was to perform a rendition of one of the group’s songs. Emma attempted “Wanna Be,” but it didn’t go so well, to put it kindly, despite some help from host Sophie.

Emma Stone Mel B.

Now. I have seen some criticism on the internet about how silly this was, Emma Stone crying over a Spice Girl. I don’t know. A little over the top? Sure. But Emma Stone is 25 years old. She was a kid when the Spice Girls were hugely popular, and if anyone recalls, little girls were a little bit crazy for the group. Hey, I didn’t see Duran Duran live in their original configuration until I was well into my 30s, and let’s just say that there may have been some crying involved when that finally happened. Also screaming. I had no idea that was going to happen to me, but it did. Thankfully I was just with my sister and a few thousand other screaming 30 and 40-something people, so there was no judgment. And even if there were? I’m a big fan of genuinely reacting as adults, without any pretense, to the things we experienced as young people. We are originally affected and continue to be throughout our lives by the things that we love when we’re children and teenagers, and “fangirl” (or “boy”) is a widely used term for a reason. I wouldn’t have that kind of reaction to Mel B., but that’s just me. If John Cusack popped up on a video screen and started addressing me directly? I cannot promise that I would not cry.

Sometimes it’s good to be silly. Sometimes it’s good to be sweetly emotional over the things that we purely enjoy, especially if it’s a famous person who runs into other famous people all the time. It’s nice to know that the stars can, even if it’s in our imaginations, be just like us. Good for you, Emma Stone, and good for you for singing on command on television, too. I’m calling this a win for you all around. Mel B, too. Here’s to famous fans and famous nice people, and to everyone crying happy tears just because every once in awhile.

Image credit: YouTube

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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