Every Breath He Takes: 20 Photos of Sting Aging Gracefully

Sting is 62 this month. Yes, that’s right, your grandpa’s age. It’s hard to believe, I know. But it’s the glorious, lean, tan, toned, music-making truth. So deal with it.

For Sting, born Gordon Sumner in 1951, aging gracefully is a way of life. He makes being a senior citizen look good. Married to Trudie Styler since 1992, Sting has the face of Adonis, the voice of an angel, and the body of a nymph. (Sort of.)

Long live Sting.

Want to compare Sting to other people born in 1951? Phil Collins (erm). Robin Williams (bleh). Mark Hamill (oh dear). Phyillis from The Office (whoa). It’s not really fair to compare.

Look at these photos of Sting over the last few years to see how the old man is holding up. SPOILER ALERT: He’s holding up.

  • Ye Olde Sting 1 of 21
  • Sting and Trudie 2 of 21

    With arm candy like Trudie Styler by your side, it's easy for Sting to look good. This guy looks half his age.

  • Wearing White 3 of 21

    No need to avoid white after Labor Day. Wearing white from head to toe is classic Sting.

  • Mesh Sleeves 4 of 21

    Some people avoid wearing mesh sleeves once they get up past the 50-ish mark. Not Sting. The mesh only makes his arms look younger.

  • Beard 5 of 21

    When Sting's hairline started to recede he grew out his beautiful beard to distract us.  It worked.

  • More Beard 6 of 21

    The less you see on top, the more you see growing out of Sting's chin. It's misdirection and it works.

  • Grooving 7 of 21

    Look at him. Just look at him. He was born before color TV.

  • Knit Hats 8 of 21

    Sting uses comfy knit hats to keep his head toasty and stave off nasty colds.

  • Scarf and Glasses 9 of 21

    Somehow, Sting manages to wear old man garb ironically. Would you believe Nathan Lane (the inspiration for this outfit) is younger than Sting?

  • Reading Books 10 of 21

    Sting keeps his mind agile by reading books and wearing warm hats. Remember, Sting was once an English teacher. It's hard to believe those heady days of "Don't Stand So Close to Me" were 30 years ago.

  • Heart Healthy 11 of 21

    Sting is checking his heart to make sure it's not beating too fast or too slow. He loves singing, he loves silk shirts, and he loves you.

  • Staying Warm 12 of 21

    Again, Sting keeps off the pneumonia-inducing chill with a cozy hat and scarf. You can't be too careful, even if you're Sting.

  • Grin 13 of 21

    Sting's winning smile easily erases 20 years.

  • Close-up 14 of 21

    Up close you can see the ravages of time a little bit — wrinkles around the eyes, thickening neck skin. But on Sting it's flattering because he's some kind of voodoo shaman.

  • Bare 15 of 21

    Here's Sting in a swimming suit. Not bad.

  • Tan 16 of 21

    Staying tan is crucial. PS. Trudie's legs? What the heck.

  • Youthful Outfits 17 of 21

    Sting stays hip in Converse and message sweats.

  • Cropped Hair 18 of 21

    Once Sting saw the writing on the wall, he cropped his hair short. But on Sting a receding hairline just brings out the blue in his eyes.

  • Carrying His Guitar 19 of 21

    Even though Sting is rich enough to employ a squire to carry his guitar around, he carries it himself. This keeps his arms well-muscled and lithe.

  • Holding Hands 20 of 21

    Finding true love and remaining faithful seems to have worked well for Sting. Of course it's too little, too late for Sting's first wife, Frances, who lost Sting to an affair with Trudie. But now Sting and Trudie have one of the longest lasting marriages in show business.

  • Fancy 21 of 21

    The most important thing we can learn from Sting is to not go gently into that good night. In skinny pants and a shark skin jacket, he's not about to give up. This bodes well for 70!

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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