Family Game Night Tips

When I was young, my family regularly hosted Monopoly competitions (we had such crazy ‘house rules’). Of course, when I left home for college, our Family Game Nights came to halt.  But I’ve restarted the tradition with my friends and family in Charlotte, and we’re having so much fun with it.

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1.  Create a great stash of games. We love the classic board games, like Monopoly, Quelf, Uno, Taboo, and Cranium.  But our current Family Game Nights have been a bit more… modern. We’re playing games on the Xbox 360 + Kinect. We really love Dance Central 2 and 3 and Adventures!.

2. Skip the complicated cooking.  By the time you get home, unwind, catch up on chores, and round up everyone for Family Game Night, there’s no time to cook. Order in a pizza or reheat a casserole (my personal favorite is my Santa Fe Casserole). Put everything on plates and bring it to the couch or table.

3. Make it a date you can’t miss. The best thing about Family Game Night is it regularly brings the family together. Do it every week or every other week, and put it on the calendar so no one forgets.

4. Invite friends, too. Our Family Game Nights always include my core family (my husband and brother-in-law, who lives with us), but we usually invite over a friend or extended family member. It’s a fun way to catch up with the other people in our lives.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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