New Doctor Who Costume: No Bow Tie?

capaldiHave you been wondering what Peter Capaldi, the 12th incarnation of the Doctor on the BBC’s fanatic-fan-favorite Doctor Who, is going to wear?

Everyone has! It’s all Whovians can think about. It’s all anyone can think about.

Even Lorde performed at the Grammys with a weeping angel behind her. Unfortunately, we have to wait clear until fall of 2014 to see the next episode of Doctor Who. Still, isn’t it time for a little peek at the new Doctor?

Well, here it is!

First impressions? Very sleek. Chic, even. No more of the raggedy professor we came to love, Matt Smith.

And there is no sign of the contemporary flare David Tennant showed by sporting Converse sneakers. But are those . . . Doc Martens?

Peter Capaldi looks dapper, and somewhat restrained, as the Doctor. But the red lining that peeks out as the coat flaps gives us that bit of whimsy we’ve come to expect from the Doctor. This look is slightly reminiscent of a magician. I like it!

Who devotees are making a big jump here — from the youngest, biggest heartthrob in Doctor history (Matt Smith, 31) to one of the oldest most sophisticated Doctors (Peter Capaldi, 55) in one fell swoop, er, regeneration.

This is a lot for fans to take in. All our hopes are pinned on Capaldi. The stark lines of his face and his magnificently dramatic hands give me confidence that he can and will in fact be pulling it off.

Still, I can imagine what the diehards are thinking: “Where’s the scarf?”

“Where’s the bow tie?”

“Where’s the outrageous frippery we’ve come to know and love?”

Like Christopher Eccleston’s lean portrayal of the 10th Doctor in a black leather jacket, Capaldi’s portrayal may be scaled back — a re-tooling of sorts, which has kept the series fresh (and successful) for 5o years.

I’m Team Capaldi. Let’s see where he takes us.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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