This Ad for a “First Moon Party” Is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

“Your grandpa is bobbing for ovaries like a champ.” That is just one of the totally priceless lines from Hello Flo’s viral video for their sanitary delivery service. How viral is this video, you ask? It already has over two million views on YouTube over the course of two days … for a feminine hygiene supply company!

Hello Flo, who rightly claims, “We can’t change biology, but we can make it more fun,” created this hilarious spot entitled First Moon Party, a follow-up to last summer’s The Camp Gyno. It tells the tale of a tween who, while trying to fit in with her pals, lies about getting her period. Her mother discovers a sanitary pad covered in red nail polish (in a shape that resembles Florida) and confronts her daughter. The girl claims she is on one of her “lady days.” Her mother later tells the viewer, “It’s one thing to lie to me, but another to take that tone … it’s on.” And on it goes! Her mother, to teach her a lesson, throws her a “first moon party,” claiming that it is a “family tradition.”

There is a uterus shaped piñata, “pin the pad on the period,” and all sorts of other tributes to “that time of the month.” And hilarity totally ensues.

While the ad may be hysterical, there is something far cooler and more meaningful going on. It takes the taboo nature out of talking about menstruation. When I was a tween and coming “of age” as they say, menstruation was pretty much the LAST thing we would talk about. Duran Duran, that new frozen yogurt place at the mall, and how cute our classmate James Dennis was — those were things we talked about. Periods were scary, freaky events that completely terrified us. A video like this not only opens up the conversation about periods, but in making light of the “first moon,” it also addresses the topic in a lighthearted way. Thus the video makes the subject not just more approachable but actually kinda fun.

This particular ad promotes their “period starter kit,” a care package designed for girls approaching their “first moon.” It’s a big moment in a girl’s life, one that should be celebrated with something like a “period starter kit” that offers supplies, facts, and treats. A “first moon party” with your friends and family? Not so much. But it sure does make a great ad!

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