For Rachel Zoe, Every Day is Take Baby to Work Day

zoeinhatEpisode 2 of The Rachel Zoe Project has Rachel popping into meetings with Nordstrom purchasers with 2-year-old Skyler in tow, who has—it really must be said—the face of an angel.

She says she doesn’t like to stay long at these meetings because it pressures the buyers, so Rachel prefers to make an appearance and duck out. Skyler provides the perfect excuse! But Nordstroms is unmoved by Sklyer’s charm. Throughout the show buyers take a hard line against Rachel’s maxi dresses.

I understand that short dresses are more sell-able. But Rachel makes a decent case for long. For her, maxis are the easiest way to be glamorous while squatting on the floor with a baby. Like, I believe her. Her passion for maxi dresses is rubbing off on me. I don’t wear them because they are unflattering. But so are the exposed undies peaking out from my low-rise-skinnies every time I bend over to tie my kids’ shoes. A giant, soft, camouflaging, mom robe? @Rachel Zoe, I’ll take a thousand. #signmeup.

As adorable as Skyler is with his curly locks and amber teething necklace (DO THOSE REALLY WORK?), I’m all about Rodger. I just think he’s a nice guy.  When they check in on DreamDry, their salon-in-progress, I noticed that Rodger lightly takes Rachel’s arm when she walks down some stairs. (He should—girlfriend is always rocking deathwish-heals.)  I replayed it over and over. You don’t stay together for 21 years just bickering about Alexander McQueen. Or maybe, that’s exactly how you stay together for 21 years.

Sometimes the show likes to make Rodger out to be a little dopey. Is it the hair? Is it the leather and gemstone necklaces? Is it the d in the middle of his name: Ro-duh-ger?

I think it’s just an angle the showrunners play up. Rodge and Rache love to bicker about what exactly Rodger does for Zoe Inc, but in last night’s episode Rachel gave Rodger his due for handling the financial aspects of the business. No slouch (in spite of, well, his slouch), Rodger has an MBA from George Washington University and worked as an investment banker in New York for 8 years before moving with Rachel to LA to support her styling career.

I’m often so put off by stars who are out of touch. But I find Rachel Zoe bizarrely relate-able. On the floor of a lush closet, Rachel finds a vintage Chanel “businessy” bag that has room for a laptop even though she bought it before laptops were a thing. Upon seeing it, she recommits to being more businessy and taking her laptop to work. It’s funny and it seems shallow. But I do the same thing. Whenever my sister or I decided to go back to work teaching a class, the first thing we talk about is what teaching outfits we will wear. Indeed, sometimes it is the desire to get back into teaching outfits that drives us to seek out a class to teach. Maybe I’m just shallow and I relate to Zoe on that level, but I think it’s the blend of career/motherhood/private life/clothes/relationships that I find appealing to watch. She’s not a train wreck. It’s interesting.

And Rachel Zoe really does seem to be one of those people who has been lucky enough to turn something she is truly passionate about into a very lucrative career. No matter what happens with her line or which length of dress the purchasers buy, Rachel Zoe always takes solace in fashion.

When she’s at the end of her rope she simply exclaims, as she did in this episode, “I don’t know what to do so I’m just going to put on a big fur hat!” And then she put on a big (giant, really) fur hat.

Hakuna matata.

Zoe out.

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