Fox Abandons Pilot Season to Roll Out New TV All Year Long

craneFox will be abandoning the traditional pilot season and will focus on developing new TV shows all year round.

Keith Reilly, network entertainment chief for Fox, explained that the outdated “pilot season” process just doesn’t work for TV anymore.

Networks usually order pilot scripts through fall and winter, decide which ones to shoot, and then announce which ones will be put into regular production in May which THEN gives birth to our much-anticipated fall TV season.

Whew! Netflix, anyone?

This timeline forces TV execs and talent to create (and compete) in a time crunch. With so many cable networks ready to air content, there’s just no need to conform to this timeline anymore.

And, hopefully, Fox’s advertisers will benefit from this too. Instead of the most-watched (and most lucrative) shows coming out in the fall with reruns airing the rest of the year, Fox can roll out must-see TV all year. In fact, they’ll be airing one of their biggest shows, 24: Live Another Day, in May.

Sleepy Hollow received the go-ahead on a second season shortly after its first episode aired. The show, an unlikely mash-up of X-Files and American Treasure which takes place on kind of a hell mouth, is a big hit. Having time to develop and shoot the second season will make the show better — Fox is banking on it.

This makes sense to me. As much as I like to think that stress and procrastination bring out the best in my work, time for revisions and careful plotting is essential for turning out quality content. I’m thrilled to see Fox embracing changes in the way we watch TV. Plus, I just get really bored waiting for the next fall season to start.

Here’s to more good television all year long!

Photo Credit: Fox

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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