24 Thanksgiving Tweets That’ll Have You Laughing Through Your Food Coma

Pro-Tip: If you volunteer to sit at the kids’ table this Thanksgiving, you can hide your green beans under the plate of the toddler next you.
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With the season of giving upon us, it’s time to give thanks for all the laughs, lessons, love, and yes, social media advances we’ve received this year. Now that Twitter’s upped their character count to 280, the Twitterverse is serving up a double helping of all the sweet, savory, and downright silly flavors of the season.

We invite you to fill up a plate, pull up a chair, and belly laugh your way through the holiday. Happy Tweetsgiving!

1. Just nuts.

2. Keeping with tradition.

3. We’re on a (dinner) roll.

4. We call it “Tweetsgiving.”

5. Let it go.

6. Wild turkey.

7. This is so unlike us.

8. Stay Puft and happy.

9. Home sweet home.

10. Meal planning.

11. #Blessed.

12. Sweet idea.

13. All grown up.

14. The doggone truth.

15. Honestly, it’s not a bad idea …

16. Total nightmare.

17. Know your audience.

18. Perhaps a little of both.

19. Not sorry.

20. The Great Thanksgiving Curse.

21. A delicious reminder.

22. No one will ever know.

23. Constant craving.

24. Maybe the attic. Maybe.

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