10 Awesome Handmades Inspired by Game of Thrones

The wonderful, fanciful, cruel, and awesome world of George Martin’s Game of Thrones has enthralled HBO audiences for 3 solid seasons. The show’s 3rd season finale last summer brought 5.4 million viewers to the TV — even with the competition of the NBA Finals and the Tonys.

The hit TV show and best selling book series has inspired artists and craftsmen as well. From handmade cosplay items to beautiful posters and clever t-shirts, these awesome handmades inspired by Game of Thrones will tide you over during the long, cold winter ahead. Take a look! It will help you fill the time until Season 4 premieres next spring.

  • Handmade Art Inspired by Game of Thrones 1 of 11
  • House Tully Bow Tie 2 of 11

    Wear the emblems of your favorite House around your neck. It will help keep your head on tight.

    Available from Etsy for $10.00

  • Medieval Crown 3 of 11

    If you want to up your cosplay game, this handmade leather crown is just what you need. Authentic up front, with the modern magic of velcro in the back.

    Available from Etsy for $75.00

  • Direwolves T-Shirt 4 of 11

    This subtle homage to the Direwolves may be dressed up or down and makes a great layering piece, you know — when winter comes.

    Available from Etsy for $10.00

  • Winter is Coming 5 of 11

    There's only one word to describe this and that word is foreboding.

    Available from Etsy for $10.00

  • Use the Pointy End Pencils 6 of 11

    "Use the pointy end" is practical advice and it's kind of perfect stamped into these pencils.

    Available from Etsy for $4.00

  • North Wall Sweatshirt 7 of 11

    This cozy sweatshirt is just the thing to wear while defending The Wall.

    Available from Etsy for $26.80

  • My Sun and Stars Poster 8 of 11

    This memorializes the short-lived romance of Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. Sigh.

    Available from Etsy for $8.20

  • Dragon Egg 9 of 11

    This piece makes the perfect gift for the Mother of Dragons in your life.

    Available from Etsy for $82.39

  • Periodic Table of Thrones 10 of 11

    This table nicely represents the Houses, Alliances, major and minor characters of Game of Thrones.

    Available from Etsy for $20.00

  • Renly Baratheon Crown 11 of 11

    This lovely handmade piece was inspired by the antler crown of Renly Baratheon. Wear it in good health.

    Available from Etsy for $75.00

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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