Dad Transforms Son’s Wheelchair into Epic ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragon for Halloween

Think your Halloween costume is cool this year? Well, it’s no match for 13-year old Tommy Hardy’s.

Thanks to the dedication of his father Tom, this special needs teen will be rocking the most epic costume in all of Massachusetts, and maybe even the entire world — because this year, Tom has turned his son’s wheelchair into a Game of Thrones dragon, complete with wings that actually flap and eyes that really light up.

game of thrones costume
Image Source: Tom Hardy

How cool is that?!

(Now, if you’re not all caught up with GOT, I must warn you — spoiler ahead!)

Tom and his wife Kara are huge fans of the popular show, and they’ve always wanted to figure out a way to construct the dragons from it. So when one of the GOT creatures had a controversial change in command, they grabbed their opportunity to make it.

“Until recently, they were all controlled by the Mother of Dragons. So once the Night King took control over one of them, we knew that this is what we [were] going to do this year,” Tom tells Babble.

This is the sixth year in a row that Tom has created imaginative 3D costumes for his son. And with each Halloween, he’s felt inspired to up his game. Whether it’s an X-Wing fighter from “Star Wars” or the Red Baron from “Peanuts,” it’s always Tom’s mission to help his son stand out in the best of ways. And thankfully, his passion has ignited the support of family and friends, who often help him spend up to 50 hours toiling away to get the holiday displays just right.

game of thrones costume
Image Source: Tom Hardy

“Each year, I want to create something bigger and better,” Tom says. “ We have an awesome time doing it each year.”

Tommy loves the positive attention he gets while being pushed around by his parents each Halloween. The neighborhood kids usually run up to take pictures with him, and his dad couldn’t be prouder to see the joy on Tommy’s face when they do.

“It is great to see him look so happy and to see all the other children look at him as a superhero, and not as a kid in a wheelchair,” the father explains.

While once a year, Tommy is considered a superhero in his town, his family see him in that light all the time. And once you learn a little more about him, you completely understand why.

“Tommy has cerebral palsy, autism, [and] epilepsy,” his dad says. “He is not yet able to walk, but he gets to where he wants by rolling or bouncing. He may not be able to talk, but he will let you know when he wants something. He has seen so many doctor’s offices, but he is such a trooper knowing that if Mom and Dad are with him … everything will be alright,” he says.

In fact, Tom cannot say enough amazing things about his teenage son. While the daily struggles to help Tommy overcome his challenges can often feel overwhelming, Tom’s parents are endlessly inspired by his enthusiasm for life.

“He is such a wonderful boy that everyone loves so much. He has a smile that lights up a room,” Tom shares. “He truly is a superhero to my family.”

I don’t know who is more inspiring — this incredible young boy, or his amazing dad. And I can’t think of a more magical way to spend Halloween than flying on a dragon! Congrats to the Hardy family for showing us all how it’s done!

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