Couple Turns Jimmy Fallon’s “Egg Russian Roulette” Into Epic Gender Reveal Game

Gender reveals have become all the rage in the last few years, and rightfully so. Many expectant couples no longer want to wait to find out the sex of their baby, so why not make a fun party out of it? One couple just took Jimmy Fallon’s popular late-night game of Egg Russian Roulette to the next level, by brilliantly turning it into one of the most suspenseful gender reveals ever.

Molli Van Arsdalen Reber and Dallen Reber recently had guests at their gender reveal party on the edge of their seats when it finally came time to get crackin’! The Rebers had a friend hard boil 11 eggs and leave the last one in the dozen raw. Six of them were colored pink, six were blue, ad the raw one was colored to represent their baby’s gender.

According to the couple, they got the idea from Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, where the hilarious host frequently asks guests to compete in a very similar challenge. Stars like Bradley Cooper, Anna Kendrick, Ryan Reynolds and Tatum Channing have all ended up with egg on their face after playing the game.

But while the Rebers (along with their friends and family) probably knew what to expect from watching Jimmy Fallon, I doubt any of them were prepared for what happened next.

As their now-viral video shows, Molli and Dallen cracked hard boiled egg after hard boiled egg … until there were JUST TWO EGGS LEFT!

The couple and the crowd were all in disbelief by the time Dallen took the final blue egg and Molli took the final pink egg. The duo, deciding to crack the last two eggs together, needed to take a moment before the big reveal.

“My heart’s pounding!” Molly exclaims in the video, while her husband leans over the counter to say, “I need a minute.”

When the couple finally summons up the courage to go for their big break, they count down and crack their eggs — just as Molli’s breaks into a drippy, yolky mess to reveal … IT’S A GIRL!

Think this is a crazy way to find out what sex your baby is? We’ve seen crazier. Back in 2015, Amanda Parrish from South Dakota had her friend and hair stylist dye her hair the color of her unborn baby. Let’s just say she looked, SMURF-A-RIFFIC! And last summer, Australian couple Malinda and Erik gave each of the 10 children they already have squirt guns filled with colored water and let them go RAMBO on each other to reveal that their 11th child would be a little girl.

Kudos to the Rebers and all the creative gender reveal parents out there! Waiting impatiently never looked so fun.

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