Gene Simmons Says Women Should Pick Career or Family: “You Can’t Have It Both Ways”

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As a working mom, if there’s one person I always look to for advice on rising to the top of my profession while also managing to raise my kids, it’s Gene Simmons.

Okay, so I’m clearly kidding. But the 68-year-old guitarist and co-lead singer of KISS is opening up about his life and career in a new book, and he’s apparently got some strong opinions about mothers who work — namely, that women simply can’t do both.

Simmons’ book, which is titled On Power: My Journey Through the Corridors of Power and How You Can Get More Power and is out this Tuesday, November 14, goes in depth about his success and business acumen, while offering advice for how to get ahead in today’s society. He also offers some sobering advice about how women can use their sexual prowess to get ahead in the workplace and states that if they are going to work, they should forget about having kids.

The singer, songwriter, actor, producer, and TV personality (who also managed to have two kids and a career of his own, BTW), writes that women must choose between work and having a family. Yep — we need to just get over our “biological urges,” because we “have to commit to either a career or family.”

“You can’t have it both ways,” declares Simmons.

Well, I guess it’s time to throw in the towel, ladies. That whole “fight for equality” thing was sure good while it lasted …

Simmons goes on to say that having kids will not make women “one ounce more powerful.” I’m not sure if he means as a woman, at work, or in life in general. But what women are good at, according to Simmons, is using our feminine wiles to get our way.

“Women have a choice,” Simmons told The Post. “They can dress in potato sacks, [but] as soon as they pretty themselves up with lipstick, lift, and separate them and point them in our general direction, they’re gonna get a response. Guys are jackasses — we will buy them mansions and houses … all because of sex.”

And we don’t just need to use our sexual prowess for things like mansions and cars; we can use it to get ahead at work, too.

“How many times have you heard someone say something like, ‘She only got that job because she’s well endowed’ or ‘she’s only successful because they want to sleep with her?’” he writes. “Well guess what,” he continues, “Whatever the reason, she’s making it work for her.”

Simmons’ comments completely negate the fact that a woman may actually be qualified for her job. They also fail to mention how hard she worked (just like a man) to have a successful career. And in doing so, he assumes women need to exert their sex in order to get ahead, and that is not only unfair — it completely dismisses our capabilities. Make no mistake: That’s not just short-sided, it’s dangerous.

Women today are more highly educated than men. We are closing the pay gap (however slowly) and are just as qualified for leadership positions. We are redefining what it means to have both family and career. We are setting our own agenda.

If this threatens men like Simmons, so be it. I doubt many of us will take notice — we have more important things to concentrate on.

h/t: The New York Post

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