George Clooney on the Hellish Exhaustion of Parenting Twins: “I Cry Four Times a Day”

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My husband and I welcomed our third child into the world five short months ago, and suddenly life in our house went from “I think I’ve got this parenting thing down pat” to “Holy hell, they outnumber us!”  — faster than I can change a blown-out diaper. Even though this is our third time through newbornhood, we’re still bumping into each other in the wee hours of the morning while we try to soothe a crying baby, get our preschooler back to sleep who woke up from the baby’s cries, and sometimes, well, let’s face it, drowning in our own tears and exhaustion.

In case you didn’t get the memo, parenting is hard. And it looks like George Clooney is getting a crash course in it right about now (along with his wife, Amal), with his 3-month-old twins, Alex and Ella. The 56-year-old actor opened up in an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail about just how insanely hard and exhausting new parenthood is.

“I cry more than they do,” he quipped to the paper. “I cry four times a day right now, because I’m so tired.”

I know, I know; I laughed at that one, too. But then I remembered that Clooney is entering fatherhood for the very first time at the age of 56. And he has twins. He may or may not have a nanny, but from the sound of his comments, it seems that George and Amal are 100 percent hands-on parents, which I think is fantastic.

“Although I wasn’t completely unaware of what life would be like, all my friends have kids and I’m godfather to about 20 of them, so I knew what I was in for,” he shared.

Except that just like most parents, all of that “parenting prep” Clooney went through before paled in comparison to what it was really like to take his two babies home for the first time.

“The surprise for me was how much more complicated twins is than just the one,” the actor shares. “It’s not just twice as much work, it’s more than that. And it’s not even so much work for me, because these two knuckleheads don’t even care that I exist right now!”

LOL. I know what he means. When my own babies were brand new, they were basically just tiny blobs who ate, pooped, and slept 18 to 20 hours a day. But despite that, there’s actually very little opportunity for parents to get stretches of sleep themselves, because although babies spend most of their time sleeping, it’s in disrupted intervals — and they couldn’t care less if it’s 2 AM or 2 PM, they’re gonna cry. Loudly.

“All they want to do is eat, and they’re happy about that, but it’s mostly Amal for them at the moment,” Clooney shared. “I don’t even really understand what’s going on.”

But it’s his next comments about parenthood — or rather, about his wife, Amal — that I’m pretty sure has women everywhere (me included) swooning: “I have such admiration for my wife,” he shared, “because she’s breastfeeding them and getting about two hours of sleep per interval, and the love they have for her is a sight to see and it’s beautiful.”

Sigh … he’s so awesome.

Congrats to George and Amal — I promise, it really does get easier and you really will sleep again!

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