Animal Shelter Worker Puts Lovable Rescue Dog on Tinder, Gets 21 Matches

Close-up photo of Henry the dog.
Image Source: Miranda Morrison/Animal Ark Rescue

Ladies, if you’re looking for love at the gym, in a bar, or maybe even at work, you may be searching for it in the all the wrong places. Perhaps your next stop should be at Animal Ark’s pet rescue in Columbus, Georgia, because one of the handsome, four-legged gentlemen there is looking for the puppy love of his life — and he has the Tinder profile to prove it.

On December 29, Miranda Morrison, a canine behavior and enrichment coordinator at Animal Ark Rescue, created a Tinder profile to help Henry, her favorite dog at the shelter, find his perfect match.

Image Source: Miranda Morrison/Animal Ark Rescue

Described in his profile as a “house-trained good boy with an obedience school degree”, Morrison thinks his perfect date will be someone who loves binging on Netflix with him and snuggling the night away. She recently told TODAY that Henry, “loves to get out and go on adventures” and that after a long day, “he is content to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV and snuggle with you.” Morrison says she “could go on and on about him,” which certainly speaks volumes for Henry’s character.

Image Source: Miranda Morrison/Animal Ark Rescue

Henry, who’s been at Animal Ark for about three years now, is listed as 23 years old on his Tinder profile, which is accurate in dog years. Morrison, who has worked at the animal shelter as long as Henry’s been there, thinks it’s been hard for him to find a match because he sometimes barks at small children out of fear. This is normal for some dogs in rescue situations, but Morrison still believes Henry’s perfect mate is out there, and she’s not giving up any time soon!

So why does Morrison think she can trust Tinder with Henry’s love life?

“I vaguely remember silly things from Tinder in my single swiping days,” shared Morrison, who is now married. “I think I once matched with pizza? I thought, ‘What if I make Henry a profile? That would be worth a shot.'”

Photo of Henry the dog sleeping.
Image Source: Miranda Morrison/Animal Ark Rescue

And in case you’re wondering why Morrison hasn’t just adopted Henry herself, so was I.

“Believe me, I have tried!” Morrison tells Babble. “We have four dogs and my husband is firm on the ‘no more animals’ rule. I just want to find someone for him that loves him as much as I do. He deserves it.”

And so far, he’s definitely earned some interested prospects. Since Henry’s profile first went up on the dating app, Morrison shares that he’s up to 21 matches. But so far, she says “no one has actually been brave enough to step out from behind the screen and come to the shelter for a doggy date, but we are still hopeful.”

I’m rooting for ya, Henry!

Photo of Miranda Morrison embracing Henry the dog.
Image Source: Miranda Morrison/Animal Ark Rescue

If you or someone you know is interested in getting to know Henry a little better, contact Animal Ark Rescue and get your puppy love story started.

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