The Original Gerber Baby Just Met the Newest One, and We Can’t Handle the Cute

gerber babies
Image Source: Gerber

This story is too darn cute for words. But I’ll try!

On June 4th, writer Chris Colin shared an adorable Twitter photo of his grandmother Ann Turner Cook. The 91-year old is shown holding a 1-year-old baby, and both have happy smiles on their faces. The reason for their sweet moment? Ann was the original Gerber baby, and the kiddo in her lap is the newest face of the food brand. It’s a meeting that’s been 90 years in the making!

“My grandmother was the Gerber baby,” Colin wrote in his tweet. “It was a funny bit of trivia, never made her rich or got us free strained peas or anything. But last week she got to meet the company’s newest spokesbaby, named Lucas. Pretty pretttty cute.”

While Colin was not present for the meeting, Ann made sure to gush to him about how memorable the moment was for her.

“My grandmother was extremely delighted to meet Lucas,” Chris tells Babble. “In him, she saw a sweet, joyful child, [and] in that respect, a kindred spirit. It was a special day.”

gerber babies
Image Source: Gerber

In 1928, Cook became the first official Gerber baby after family friend Dorothy Hope Smith sketched an unfinished charcoal portrait of her at 4 months old. Smith submitted her drawing to the company for consideration in a contest they were running to find the face of their brand. Gerber loved Cook’s image so much that they trademarked it in 1931.

Baby Lucas was submitted to their latest contest by mom Cortney Warren, who decided to enter him on a whim. After posting a sweet picture of her son on Instagram with the Gerber hashtag, the family learned that their baby was selected out of 140,000 entries!

Not only did Lucas win the coveted spot, but he also made history as the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome.

Seeing his grandmother get to welcome Lucas into the Gerber family was especially moving for Colin.

“I’m 1000% for it,” Colin says. “I’m thrilled to see all babies celebrated and loved, and yeah, it doesn’t hurt that Lucas is ridiculously adorable.”

We couldn’t agree more!

While Cook also relied on her cutie pie looks to earn the original title of “Gerber baby,” her grandson thinks she has definitely grown into the job. Ever since the company revealed Cook as the face of the brand in 1978, people all over have felt connected to her — and the feeling definitely seems mutual!

“All kinds of folks, from all walks of life, have approached her over the years and spoken of a connection to her,” Colin tells Babble. “I think that has really moved her and strengthened her basic love for people. She’s always said if you’ve got to be the face of something, it doesn’t get better than being the face of babies.”

Cook has also inspired her own grandson in some especially heartwarming ways.

“My grandmother is deeply kind and loving — you can sense that pretty readily,” he shares. “I’m happy to say that a bit of her pro-baby outlook has rubbed off on me. I have two kids myself, [and] my daughter was my grandmother’s first great grandchild.”

Congratulations to these two extraordinary Gerber “babies.” Ann Turner Cook and Lucas are giving me all the feels today!

h/t: TODAY

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