Mom Recreates Iconic Pop Culture Moments with Her 4-Year-Old, and the Results Are Awesome

Gina Lee doesn’t need an excuse like Halloween to take dressing up to the next level with her family. The photographer and mom has been recreating memorable scenes and moments from pop culture with her 4-year-old daughter Willow for the last few years, and the results are amazing.

Babble had the chance to chat with Lee, who explained, “One costume just was not enough the first year. There were so many ideas I wanted create, but Halloween is only one day. So I just started with a few the first year, then it gradually grew.”

I’m sure glad it did, because these images are incredible and hilarious.

Willow, who is often joined by her best friend Cooper, “loves doing the photos … it’s like a big play date for her.” Talk about an epic hang out, we’re sure kids are just begging to come over to play with Willow!

Lee has turned these photoshoots into somewhat of a familiar affair, noting, “My husband Chris likes to join in on the fun. My older daughter Madeleine  helps out as well. And my little guy Ryder likes to be in a couple.”

Seeing Willow’s dad join in on the fun is quite amusing. Who wouldn’t want the chance to dress up as a Ghostbuster? I couldn’t help but wonder what Lee and adorable Willow would take on next. Lee said, “Hmm … maybe a political one. It’s an election year. So that would be fun.” Imagine Willow as a little Hillary? Amazing.

While I’m a bit obsessed with this Mickey Mouse Club throwback, Lee’s favorite image so far has been their remake of “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden and Sia. I can definitely see why — Willow and Cooper look hilarious.

I love how perfectly Lee is able to capture these shifting moments in pop culture, some more serious than others, in a lighthearted way with her daughter. We were all a bit sad to see Brangelina go, but seeing Willow and sidekick Cooper recreate their wedding photo makes a world without a married Brad and Angie seem bearable.

Of course, I was dying to know what Lee had up her sleeve for Halloween. She has something excellent planned, but we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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