Wanna Be in My Gang? The 10 Clickiest Girl Cliques in Movies

Ever since I was 6 years old and was moved from the girls’ reading table to instead read with two boys (both of whom were mainly covered in snot), I discovered the power of girl cliques. Jealous that I was now in the top reading group, they promptly stopped speaking to me. I felt the icy cold shoulder as I was left by myself at break time and over lunch. I remember wondering, “What have I done wrong?”

For those of you who assume that once we’ve left the playground behind, girl cliques vanish into thin air — just remember your first day in a new job, trying to integrate yourself with the women on your team. Doesn’t every office, company, studio, bank, shop, etc. have a hierarchy? Perched at the top, isn’t there a Queen Bee who decides who is “in” and who is”‘out” as she is surrounded by her devoted minions?

Hasn’t it always been this way? When I watched Grease at 8 years old, I may not have quite understood what was going on between Rizzo and Kenickie, but I was aware of just how COOL the pink ladies were and how Sandy longed to belong.

Personally, I think girl cliques should be abolished! Yet, I’m still facing them myself, most recently at the school gates. Being a working mom, I can’t help but feel slightly excluded by the moms who stay at home and are able to meet daily for coffee. They don’t mean to be aloof, but sometimes they come across that way. I wonder, is the best way to deal with a clique to simply infiltrate it? Or to rise above it?

I certainly don’t have the answers! But let’s take a look at all the most famous girl cliques in movies. Most of the time, thankfully, they got their comeuppance!

  • Grease 1 of 10

    I first watched Grease when I was 8 years old, and quite frankly, I have never stopped wanting to be a Pink Lady since then. Sure, Rizzo was slightly scary, as was Frenchie's ear piercing technique — but how cool were the strutting ladies with their pink jackets and rouged lips? Would Sandy have ever thrown off her white plimsoles and squeezed into those black satin pants if she hadn't been in the ultimate girl clique?

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  • Easy A 2 of 10

    The smart teen comedy inspired by The Scarlet Letter stars Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast. To help out a friend who is bullied for being gay, she pretends they have slept together — and finds herself pretending she has done the same with various other boys to help out their loser images. This incurs the wrath of Marianne Bryant and her religious group. Olive finds herself the talk of the school and snubbed by all the girls in Marianne's gang. Easy A is a gem of a movie — watch it to find out how Olive redeems her image and gets the guy of her dreams... 

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  • The Craft 3 of 10

    So when you've just moved from San Fran to LA, and started high school, what better way to get involved in the social scene than to make friends with ... er ... a group of witches? Sarah Bailey does exactly this in The Craft, befriending Nanny, Bonnie, and Rochelle. But the girls soon discover, as they use their powers for their own good, that only bad can come from it. Suddenly Sarah's best buds aren't quite as friendly as they once were, becoming a clique that is definitely to be avoided at all costs.

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  • 10 Things I Hate About You 4 of 10

    The film, a modernization of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, follows the romantic journey of the fiery Kat who refuses to conform to school cliques, unlike her popular, prissy sister Bianca. Bianca can't date unless Kat does, so loner Patrick Verona is paid to romance her, but finds himself falling for her. A charming movie that shows that beneath the social divides and hierarchies, everyone is just the same, with the same needs and wants…  

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  • Mean Girls 5 of 10

    Cady Heron is the 16-year-old who has been homeschooled her whole life in Africa so she is grossly unprepared for the social divisions within her new American high school. Her new classmates, Janis and Damien, warn Cady to avoid the high school's most exclusive clique, the Plastics, a group of mean girls led by queen bee Regina George. Cady infiltrates the Plastics, but soon finds herself becoming just like them. This is the ultimate girl clique film with a wonderful moral lesson.

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  • Heathers 6 of 10

    The dark black comedy Heathers catapulted Winona Ryder's career skyward, where she played Veronica Sawyer, a high school student at Westerburg High School who joins the most dominant clique there. It consists of three wealthy and beautiful girls with the same first name: Heather. The Heathers are wildly popular and wildly hated. Veronica tires of their calculating and oppressive behavior and tries to break free — but can she get away?

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  • St. Trinian’s 7 of 10

    St Trinian's is an anarchic school for uncontrollable girls run by eccentric headmistress Camilla Dagey Fritton. The heroine Annabelle Fritton is admitted to St. Trinian's by her father Carnaby. She is really depressed, and after being knocked out of the way by a rush of girls, she meets head girl Kelly Jones who shows her around the school and introduces her to various cliques Posh Totty Chavs, Emos, Geeks, and First Years. It is a school run by the pupils, rather than the teachers, and Annabelle's time at St. Trinians — with all the crazy girl cliques is just going to get a whole lot more complicated.

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  • Bridesmaids 8 of 10

    Don't think that girl cliques are only the product of school cliques. Nope, girl cliques can last all the way through life, as witnessed in the movie Bridesmaids. When lead character Annie's best mate Lillian becomes engaged, she asks Annie to be her maid of honor. At the engagement party, Annie meets her fellow bridesmaids and takes an instant dislike to the competitive, seemingly perfect Helen, the wife of Lillian's fiancé's boss. Annie becomes jealous of Helen's friendship with Lillian and the bachelorette plans take a turn for the worst …  

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  • Clueless 9 of 10

    Cher Horowitz of Clueless fame is a sweet if somewhat superficial girl who is attractive, popular, and extremely wealthy. At the top of her high school's social ladder, she decides to adopt an unhip girl at school named Tai and help her rise up the ranks. However when Tai's popularity threatens to exceed her own, Cher realizes she has created a monster. Maybe she needs a re-think on her 'good deeds'?

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  • Carrie 10 of 10

    Poor Carrie White a social outcast in school, and suffering under the wrath of her unstable religious zealot of a mother at home. The cliquey girls at Bates High School harass Carrie, with ringleader Chris Hargensen being especially cruel. Who can ever forget the shower scene, which sets in motion the tragic events that follow at the high school prom in this brilliant horror film. Carrie has her ultimate revenge on the girl clique.

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