Gloria Steinem Says to Lay Off Kim Kardashian’s Body


There’s a lot of of criticism buzzing about Kim Kardashian’s curves. Oh please. Give girlfriend a break. Her body is changing and growing or whatever. She’s pregnant. And—oh by the way—dissing a pregnant lady’s body is about the meanest thing ever.

You might say she’s “asking for it” by putting herself front and center in terms of media all the time. I’m not that interested in the Kardashians. They do seem a little in love with the camera for my taste. But so what? Criticizing a woman’s body says a lot more about us than it says about them.

Enter Gloria Steinem!

She’s been fighting for women’s rights and defending women accused of “asking for it” since Kanye was a baby. She told Us Weekly, “The mistreatment of any woman for her appearance, Kardashian included, doesn’t just hurt the victim—it hurts society as a whole. Criticizing people’s bodies devalues both their brain and ours.”

And so you see, it’s not the harmless dissing on Kim that you thought it was. We can do better.

Steinem also says, “Our bodies are never public property under any circumstance . . . It’s wrong, and people in the street who feel the right to touch a pregnant woman’s belly ought to be arrested for harassment. Our bodies belong to us, and if we don’t invite touching, we shouldn’t tolerate it.”

So no more uninvited belly pats, either.

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