Golden Globes 2014: Check out 18 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Stars!

It is a crazy night in Hollywood on Sunday night. While most of us are winding down from the weekend,  it is the evening where the stars get all dolled up for the Golden Globes. There are gowns, gems, glitz, and glam. And while we are all in our sweats watching from the comfort of our couches, the celebrities are getting ready, getting dolled up, and hitting the red carpet. Oh and they’re also sharing their personal photos on Instagram and Twitter.  We’ve been watching the stars all day as they got their nails and hair done and limo rides to the event. We’ve also been watching the awesome Twitter account from the Golden Globes themselves, and it’s almost like we’re there. Well, except for that whole being in sweats thing.

Check out these amazing behind-the-scenes and candid photos from prepping for the Globes to setting foot on the red carpet right here:

  • Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann 1 of 18
    Golden Globes Judd Apatow

    Looks like they're already starting to drinking ... but it looks like just juice in a mason jar!


    Photo Source: Twitter/Judd Apatow

  • Zoe Deschanel 2 of 18
    Zoe Deschanel Golden Globes 2014

    "Daisy manicure for the #goldenglobes by @TomBachik"


    This girl LOVES her nail art!


    Photo Source: Twitter/Zoe Deschanel

  • Jessie Tyler Furguson 3 of 18
    jesse Tyler Feurgeson Golden Globes

    "In the car on my way to the Golden Globes in my #GiorgioArmani tux! #firstlook"


    Lookin' good!


    Photo Source: Jesse Tyler/ Instagram

  • Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick 4 of 18

     So dashing. And their daughter is Miss Golden Globe!


    Photo Source: Kyra Sedwick/Golden Globes

  • Lena Dunham 5 of 18

    Lena really went bold with this bright yellow.



    Photo Source: Twitter/ Golden Globe Awards

  • Laura Dern and Bruce Dern 6 of 18

    "It's Bruce and @LauraDern on the @goldenglobes #redcarpet!"


    And Laura Dern was once a Miss Golden Globe!


    Photo Source: Twitter/ Golden Globe Awards

  • Kelly Osbourne 7 of 18

    A broken zipper right before heading out!


    Photo Source: Kelly Osbourne/Instagram


  • Amy Adams 8 of 18

    Quite the plunging neckline!


    Photo Source: Twitter/ Golden Globe Awards

  • Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts 9 of 18

    "Time to go... Thanks to all of you for the support. See you in season 2"  


    Such a lovely couple!


    Photo Source: Twitter/ Liev Schreiber

  • P. Diddy 10 of 18

    "For the next hour I'm giving a tutorial on how to get ready for the Golden Globes. These here are cucumber patches flown in from Milan. I know it looks crazy, but nobody said perfection was easy. #diddyglobes"  




    Photo Source: PDiddy/Instagram

  • Rico Rodriguez and Raini Rodriguez 11 of 18

    "@rainydaychatter and I on our way to the #GoldenGlobes !! #ModernFamily"


    The brother/sister duo hit the awards!


    Photo Source: Rico/ Instagram

  • The Tables 12 of 18
    golden Globes table

    "First cast member inside at The Golden Globes. I'm starting alone & I don't care! #FromWhereISit" 


    Nice looking table!


    Photo Source: Jesse Tyler Ferguson/ Instagram

  • Bono and Emma Thompson 13 of 18

    "It's Bono, Emma Thompson and families on the @goldenglobes #redcarpet!"


    Photo Source: Twitter/Golden Globes

  • Jennifer Lawrence 14 of 18
    Jennifer Lawrence GOlden Globes

    Jennifer Lawrence looking lovely ... as usual!



    Photo Source: Golden Globes/ Twitter

  • Heidi Klum 15 of 18
    Heidi Klum Golden Globes

    "Glam Squad Extraordinaire! Now off to Golden Globes!"


    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Twitter

  • Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright 16 of 18

    "Clearly I get to sit at the best table in the room. @HouseofCards @Netflix #GoldenGlobes"


    Photo Source: BeauWilliams/ Twitter

  • Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts 17 of 18
    Golden Globes 2014

    "Sarah Paulson and Emma Roberts having fun before the #GoldenGlobes begins."


    Photo Source:  AmericanHorrorStory/Twitter

  • Lupita Nyong 18 of 18

     Deborah Lippmann tweeted this photo; she had the honor of doing Lupita Nyong's nails!


    Photo Source: Deborah Lippmann/ Twitter

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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