One of the Neatest Google Doodles Yet! Google’s Animated Short to the Tune of “Clare de Lune”

google-doodleThere is a lot going on with the moon this week. There was a full moon that also happened to be a blue moon, and today Google celebrates French composer Claude Debussy’s birthday with a Clair de lune — or “moonlight” — Doodle. Really, it’s not even fair to call it a doodle, since it’s a whole animated short!

Some people may like to whistle while they work, and all I can say is, “Please, may they not sit by me.” I much prefer to leave the music-making to others, and it’s been lovely to leave this animated “Happy birthday, Debussy” Google Doodle on a loop while I write today. If you need a break for a few minutes, cruise over to Google and watch the boat go down the river (I’m calling it the Seine, because why not?) under a huge full moon, while the lights go on and off in the windows of the houses on shore in time to the music. Two smaller boats follow as the clouds turn to a steady rain. The man and the woman rowing each finally catch up to each other and share a red umbrella.Claude_Debussy

Super sweet, and very romantic. Someone at Google might be falling in love, and can make quite the lovely little movie about it.

Google keeps an archive of Doodles on the Google Doodle page, and you can even buy your favorites on shirts or mugs, although I’m much more inclined to leave them in their natural habitat of my computer. The last one that really sucked me in was an interactive Doodle on the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident. Help an alien navigate Earth on my lunch break? Sign me up. It was lots of fun.

Happy 151st birthday to Debussy, and props to the Google Doodle team on a really enjoyable composer birthday card.

Image credit: Google; Wikimedia Commons 
Video: YouTube

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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