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Google Zeitgeist Tracks 2013’s Top Entertainment Searches

What in the world did the world Google in 2013?

According to Google’s “Here’s to 2013” recap, we searched for a lot.

From Prince George to Pope Francis, from Malala to Mandela, we were mostly interested in people. We wanted to know when they were born, and when they passed away, their accomplishments and their missteps. We were into musicians, actors, politicians, and one super inspiring Batkid.

Google also breaks down the trends into several category lists, if you really want to break down what we were into as a Googling culture this year. This includes celebrity weddings, sporting events, dance moves, authors, or just all-around interesting people. There are also a bunch of non-entertainment related topics, including restaurants, stocks, honeymoon destinations, recipes, shoe brands, and health issues. If it’s searchable, Google categorizes and rates it. As a lover of all things pop culture, lists, and crowd-sourced data (in another words, an enormous geek), I have to admit that this is turning into a huge — and hugely enjoyable — time suck for me.

If you don’t get anything done for awhile once you start clicking, don’t blame me — but at least we learned some things today.

The Google Zeitgeist video is a quick, moving summation of what, where and who the world was and cared about this year:

[videopost src=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv-sY_z8MNs’]

You can also explore the top 100 Google searches in this grid, and spin this actual globe to see what is trending where. It’s very cool.

Meanwhile, do you want to know who the top searches were from all corners of entertainment? I hope so, because I have to talk about them with someone. Let’s check them out.

Top Entertainment Google Searches of 2013:

Source: Google

Image credits: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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