Grandparents Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary with Beautiful Up Duet

When asked what my favorite Disney Pixar film is, I always respond, “Up,” without a second thought.

Yes, it has that endearing “Adventure is out there!” theme, but that’s not why it’s so near and dear to my heart. No, what gets me every time I watch is the beautiful full-length love story of Carl and Ellie — an entire lifetime of love and heartbreak told in under five minutes. Disney is known for their epic stories where the princess and her prince-to-be overcome incredible obstacles to find each other — which, don’t get me wrong, is always a recipe for cinematic perfection — but Up‘s love story is that much more powerful because it’s not a fairy tale, it’s real in both its simplicity and its heartbreak.

Every time I watch, I cry, as Carl and Ellie’s story unfolds. Which is precisely why when I watched Jason Lyle Black’s tribute to his 80-year-old grandparents, I couldn’t help but be touched.

Married for 60 years, the too-sweet couple are celebrating their anniversary with a viral YouTube sensation: a pitch-perfect duet of Carl and Ellie’s theme song. The video begins with the classical piano melody any Disney fan would recognize, but it’s the details from the film and the couple’s life that make this a must-watch. From the sweet family photos to seeing Grandma and Grandpa laugh and play the piano together, it’s sure to make your day (and get you a little teary).

Black told ABC News that the tribute was an obvious choice, and that his grandparents have not only “played piano duets since they were first married,” in 1955 but they’re also huge Up fans:

“They really loved the movie, and it was incredibly fun working with them for the video. They’ve loved music their entire life. The piano they’re playing in the video is actually a restored antique Steinway from the 1800’s.”

Happy 60th anniversary, love birds!

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