15 Food Pairings Inspired by Your Favorite Romantic Movies

AMC has come up the ultimate list of the 50 Greatest Romantic Movies. Meg Ryan stars in three of the top fifteen, so you know this list is legit. As we begin the countdown towards Valentine’s Day the pressure is on to come up with romantic plans. But what happens if you can’t find a sitter or if you just don’t feel like being out with a bunch of newbie love schmucks? What if you are single and don’t want to be reminded of it, but still want to celebrate romance?

The solution is simple: Stay in! Stay in and make yourself something yummy. Take your menu cues from the movie itself. Of course every movie pairs perfectly with a pint of ice cream, but moving beyond that you can have a lot of fun finding menu and recipe ideas to elevate movie night beyond yoga pants and microwave popcorn.

We’ve taken the top 15 movies featured in AMC’s Greatest Romantic Movie list and come up with a dish and a drink to serve with each film. These food pairings for romance movies are meant to be a jumping off point. Let us know if you can think of more fun movie pairings or if you would change our menu around.

  • 15 Food Pairings for Romantic Movies 1 of 16

    Dinner and a movie. Classic. We've paired the top 15 most romantic movies with some food ideas to inspire you this Valentine's Day.

  • 1. The Notebook 2 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Pimento cheese on toast with a hammer cocktail

    Red's Ice House has been around Shem Creek, South Carolina since 1947. One of the popular items on the menu is their "True South Pimento Cheese" and they offer it as a dip or as a burger topping. You can make this spread at home from a recipe here on Babble. For something to sip on, try your hand at a Hammer. This cocktail, featuring coconut rum and soda, is a quiet nod to Noah Calhoun, the carpenter played by Ryan Gosling in the movie. 

  • 2. Sleepless in Seattle 3 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Cookies shaped like the Empire State Building and iced coffee

    You can find a cookie cutter shaped like the Empire State Building and make your own cookies, or you can special order them online. These cookies from City Souvenirs look very cute. Making iced coffee can be pretty straight-forward, but if you want to try some new twists on a favorite, Babble has 8 iced coffee recipes.

  • 3. You’ve Got Mail 4 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Chicken noodle soup with a stirrup cup of port

    One of the best moments in the movie is when Joe, played by Tom Hanks, visits Kathleen, played by Meg Ryan, when she is home sick. It's a lovely turning point in the film when the two characters finally become friends. Watch this film with a great bowl of homemade chicken soup. We have a recipe right  here on Babble. To add back in the element of the hunt, serve your soup alongside a stirrup cup of port. This is the drink that is traditionally served before a fox hunt. Kathleen would appreciate that. 

  • 4. Titanic 5 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Poached salmon and a Tom Collins

    There are restaurants across the world that dedicate entire menus to the actual menu that was served on the actual Titanic. To give yourself a little taste of that, focus on a fish: poached salmon. Babble has a recipe for a very simple salmon to prepare. While you are watching the film, sip on one of the drinks that is said to have originated on the Titanic: the Tom Collins

  • 5. Pride & Prejudice 6 of 16
    Romance Movie Pairings

    Dish + Drink: Sponge cake and tea

    It's nice to stick with tradition when there is such a lovely tradition connected to the art of making tea. Since we can't serve Mr. Darcy on a plate, a sponge cake will have to do, and Babble has a go-to recipe for you

  • 6. Gone With the Wind 7 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Southern baked ham with sweet tea

    This is one of my mother's favorite movies, and when I shared with her the food pairing I had picked, she nodded in approval. At the 40th anniversary of the movie, they served southern baked ham and corn fritters to the guests. These things just naturally go down with a giant glass of sweet tea. Babble has recipes for both the ham and the sweet tea

  • 7. Dirty Dancing 8 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Watermelon pops and a Swayze cocktail

    I suppose you could pair this movie with more traditional summer resort food, but the movie really starts when Baby, carrying a giant watermelon, walks into the staff dirty dancing. Babble has a recipe for these yummy looking watermelon pops. I stumbled into the Swayze cocktail so I am not really sure it is a "thing," but it should be. The recipe is a combination of Hpnotiq, soda, and gin. I'm not sure if this will be the time of your life. 

  • 8. Pretty Woman 9 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Pizza and frozen berry bellinis

    When I think of Pretty Woman and food I think of three things: escargot, olives from the Blue Banana Club, and the pizza box that Kit writes, "Reg...Bev...Wil." Your best bet is to pair this movie with a great homemade pizza. Chaunie has some thoughts about how romantic pizza can be. What we all want to settle down with is the scene with the champagne and strawberries, amiright? Babble has a creative recipe for a frozen berry bellini that is perfect. 

  • 9. Casablanca 10 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Moroccan one-pot chicken and "As Time Goes by" cocktail

    Rick's Cafe is a real thing open for business in Morocco. The owners of the restaurant have joked that there isn't a piano, a Sam, or any food from the movie. (I can't even recall any food being consumed in the film, just booze.) But when I think of Morocco, I instantly think of one-pot chicken. Babble has a recipe for this. To bring it back more to the film, try on the "As Time Goes by" cocktail. You can watch a video about why this drink came to be and how to make it. 

  • 10. It’s a Wonderful Life 11 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Angel food cake and Bailey's hot chocolate

    Going literal makes for a very sweet pairing. A simple and delicious angel food cake (recipe on Babble) goes great with a beverage nod to George Bailey: a Bailey's hot chocolate. To serve this for the Zuzu in your family, simply remove the Bailey's from the hot chocolate first. 

  • 11. The Princess Bride 12 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Miracle Max pills (chocolate earth balls) and princess punch

    This pairing is completely kid-friendly from creation to consumption. The chocolate earth balls from Whole Foods' recipe team are a lot of fun to make and there is absolutely no baking involved. Partner it with Babble's version of princess punch, a raspberry lemonade with apples.

  • 12. When Harry Met Sally 13 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Assortment of pie with fixings and a New York cocktail

    So what exactly did Sally order to prompt her (fake) orgasm? It was pie. But she couldn't order it simply, she had very specific ways that she needed her pie served. Pay tribute to pie quirkiness by having a pie party with an assortment of mini pies (Babble has a collection of tiny pie recipes) and plenty of fun stuff on the side for everyone to make pie their own way. Serve pie with a classic New York cocktail.

  • 13. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 14 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Omelette with a side of pearl onions and a mimosa

    Going with the obvious, because you can't eat a silver telephone dialer, breakfast fare is what should be served with this film. Tie in a cute nod to Holly Golightly's pearls by making a light omelette with a side of glazed onions. Then serve it with a classic mimosa. Babble has a recipe for a fizzy mimosa right here.

  • 14. Love Actually 15 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Banoffee cookies and a London fog

    Juliet, played by Keira Knightley, brings a slice of banoffee pie to convince her husband's best friend, Mark, to help her with her wedding videos. If you're like me, you probably never heard of such a thing until you saw the film. Banoffee pie is an amazing combination of bananas and toffee. Alejandra from Always Order Dessert has a great recipe for the pie (and she shares the Love Actually tie in). For something slightly different, try out these banoffee cookies from Babble. Pair it with a London fog: earl grey tea, warm milk, and vanilla syrup. 

  • 15. Roman Holiday 16 of 16

    Dish + Drink: Gelato and anything with a straw

    It is such a perfect scene: Ann, played by Audrey Hepburn, enjoying gelato and her freedom on the Spanish Steps. This is one of my all-time favorite movies (it won Audrey an Oscar®) and if you haven't seen it, or seen it recently, put this at the top of your list for movies to watch this month. Babble has a yummy recipe for a luscious lemon gelato. As far as what to drink? Another great scene is when Ann blows off the paper of her straw. Perhaps for this film you just pair the gelato with fun with straws. Ann would be happy about that.

All movie poster images from Wikipedia, all food images from Babble

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