Green Celebrities – 20 of Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Celebs

Monday is Earth day and as we all take a moment to think about what we can do to help sustain our planet it’s nice to know that some of our favorite movie stars and musicians are also thinking about it. Some of them are actually thinking about saving the planet more than you realize.

Take a look at this list of 20 of our favorite eco-friendly celebrities and you might be surprised what big stars are doing behind the scenes for the betterment of all mankind and planet earth.

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    Celebrities who are saving the earth: a list of 20 rock stars and movie stars
  • John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston 2 of 21
    John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are eco friendly celebs

    John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston were considered first responders after hurricane Katrina. He immediately flew his private plane to deliver a load of supplies and tetanus vaccine to Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


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  • Jessica Alba 3 of 21
    Jessica Alba is an earth friendly celeb

    Jessica is one of the co-founders of the Honest Company.

    From their website, "We believe if you can make an amazing product without harming people or the planet, you should (and we do believe we can). We feel tremendous responsibility to this planet we call home. We are serious about being honest stewards of the natural environment and protectors of the (little) people."


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  • Emma Watson 4 of 21
    Emma Watson is an earth friendly celeb

    Emma is behind the eco-fashion line, Pure Threads.

    From her website, "Boasting relaxed dresses, lace-embroidered denim and 70s blouses, the line draws some of its inspiration from 60s model, actress and style icon, Jane Birkin."


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  • Will.i.am 5 of 21
    Will.i.am is an earth friendly celeb

    Will.i.am just announced a partnership with Coca-Cola for his brand Ekocycle.  

    In a press release about the partnership the musician says, "I'm on a mission to educate and inspire consumers around the globe to seek out more sustainable lifestyle choices that will ultimately play a part in the movement toward a world with zero waste."


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  • Jon Bon Jovi 6 of 21
    Jon Bon Jovi is an earth friendly celeb

    As part of Jon's Soul Foundation he supports affordable green housing in urban areas. He contributed to first LEED-certified housing facility in the center of Philadelphia.

    He also helped construct two eco-friendly Brooklyn housing projects with Habitat for Humanity.


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  • Bruce Springsteen 7 of 21
    Bruce Springsteen is an eco friendly celeb

    Bruce and the E Street Band (along with many other musicians) held a massive concert to raise money to not only help the victims of hurricane Sandy, but to also help rebuild. 

    Earlier this year Bruce was awarded the Person of the Year by MusiCares for his philanthropy.


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  • Kevin Costner 8 of 21
    Kevin Costner is an eco friendly celeb

     After watching footage of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in 1989 Kevin got the idea to find a better solution to clean up oil spills. He became one of the biggest investors in a company called Ocean Therapy Solutions

    OTS created a centrifuge that separates dense water from the lighter oil, and returns the water to the ocean. 


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  • Robert Redford 9 of 21
    Robert Redford is an earth friendly celeb

    Robert Redford has long been outspoken about the impact of oil spills and how we need to make big moves towards renewable and green energy. 

    Surprisingly one of the reasons why Robert is so passionate about the environment is because his father was an employee of Standard Oil and young Redford grew up watching his father working in the oil fields.


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  • Gisele Bundchen 10 of 21
    Gisele Bundchen loves the earth

    Gisele Bundchen has been eco-friendly for as long as she has been in the spotlight. 

    She and her husband, Tom Brady, just completed renovations on their 22,000-square-foot mansion and Gisele says she consideres the huge home to be green because it has solar panels on the roof and rainwater recovery systems.

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  • Woody Harrelson 11 of 21
    Woody Harrelson is an eco friendly celeb

    Woody is considered to be one of THE most green Hollywood stars. He recently formed a partnership with Living Tree Paper  to advance the use of nonwood and post-consumer waste recycled products among his colleagues and friends in the entertainment and music worlds.

    He is also famous for his bus, The Mothership, a sustainable bus with cork flooring that is covered in solar panels.

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  • Leonardo Di Caprio 12 of 21
    Leonardo Di Caprio wants to save the planet

    Leonardo loves the earth so much that he established a foundation to save the planet.

    From his website, "Established in 1998 by Leonardo and his family, the Foundation supports efforts to secure a sustainable future for our planet and all of its inhabitants." 

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  • Drew Barrymore 13 of 21
    Drew Barrymore wants to save the whales

    In the movie Big Miracle, Drew played Cindy Lowry, a Greenpeace representative in Anchorage who inspired a nation to save the whales.

    Drew has also just launched Flower Beauty, a new makeup line that is eco friendly.

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  • Anne Hathaway 14 of 21
    Anne Hathaway had a green and eco-friendly wedding.

    When Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman she had a green wedding in beautiful Big Sur

    Anne also brings her commitment to her vegan lifetsyle to work. While filming Les Misérables Anne made sure that all of her character's shoes were vegan-friendly.

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  • Brad Pitt 15 of 21
    Brad Pitt builds green homes.

    Brad established the Make It Right Foundation and embarked on building 150 green homes after hurricane Katrina damaged NOLA.

    From the Make It Right site: "Make It Right builds healthy homes, buildings and communities for people in need. All Make It Right projects are LEED Platinum certified and Cradle to Cradle inspired – meeting the highest standards of green building."

    He was also a supporter of California's Prop 87 which would have taxed oil production had it passed.

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  • Cate Blanchett 16 of 21
    Cate Blanchett renovates in green.

    Cate just spent $1.5 million ‘Greenovating’ the family mansion.

    She and husband Andrew Upton also helped  install a solar roof on Australia’s Sydney Theater Company. 

    Cate says, "I’m an optimist. I believe we’re ready as a generation to seize this opportunity to make profound environmental changes for the better. After all, what’s the alternative?"

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  • Matt Damon 17 of 21
    Matt Damon is an eco friendly star.

    Matt is always thinking about water and how he can help people get clean water more easily. Recently he partnered with CamelBak to to launch a limited edition eco-friendly water bottle. $10 of the sales would go directly to his aptly named organization, Water.org.

    From their website, "Water nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation."

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  • Justin Timberlake 18 of 21
    Justin Timberlake built a green (earth friendly) gold course.

    Justin won the EMA Futures award for a eco-friendly gold course he built in Tennessee.

    Justin says, "My idea came out of the desire to create green space in the community where I grew up, and when, to borrow a phrase from Joni Mitchell, I heard that somebody was going to take paradise and put up a parking lot I decided to buy paradise myself. We made a commitment to building a sustainable model for a golf course and we honor the land and the ecosystem that Mirimichi shares with nature."

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  • Jessica Chastain 19 of 21
    Jessica Chastain is a sexy vegetarian.

    PETA named Jessica as the sexiest celebrity vegetarian of 2012. 

    About being a vegetarian Jessica says, "I don't want to torture anything," she says. "It's about trying to live a life where I'm not contributing to the cruelty in the world. While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here."

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  • Julianne Moore 20 of 21
    Julianne Moore is an eco friendly celebrity.

    Julianne joined the Moms Clean Air Force

    She says, "It's time for polluters to stop bullying us. It's time for moms to roar. Moms know about sustainable energy. After all, their love is an unending supply and it keeps kids healthy."

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  • Ed Begley Jr. 21 of 21
    Ed Bedley Jr. makes it easy to go green with earth friendly products.

    Ed was in a reality show called Living With Ed that showcased his tremendous passion for living green. 

    He has created a line of green cleaning products that he boasts clean better than what a family might currently be using. 

    From his product's website," Starting from the ground up, Ed set out to develop a line of natural household products that he would be proud to put his name on. His vision was natural ingredients in non-toxic formulas, that are equal to or more effective than their non-green alternatives."

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