Guess Who is on Twitter? The King of Funk, Prince!

I’m not going to lie — as a devout Prince fan, there is perhaps nothing more exciting than getting that little bit closer to the King of Funk himself.prince 3

And what better way than Twitter?

Turns out the Purple Rain star has begun tweeting under the name @3rdeyegirl since Tuesday, August 13th. But what would the notoriously private star tweet first? Some cryptic clue about a secret gig, or a clip of a new track? Nope. ‘”PRINCE’S 1ST TWEET… TESTING 1, 2. . .” And his follow up? “PRINCE’S 2ND TWEET.”

By the third tweet, Prince, using the handle of his female rock act 3rdeyegirl, had found his groove. “Did eye add 2 much pepper?” he asked, posting a shot of a salad covered in the seasoning.

Who knew he had a sense of humor?

From there, he posted an image of himself, circa 1984 (in the Purple Rain era), wearing a puffy shirt and holding a red flower, with the words “hi im Prince.” Unsurprisingly the internet went crazy! Days later, he tweeted the cover of his new single “Breakfast can Wait,” but he has yet to follow anyone, despite having over 150,000 followers himself. He also shared videos of his past gigs and photos of the crowd waiting to see him at his gig in Portugal. Fans were overjoyed to be able to get a re-tweet from their hero. Even Missy Elliott got in on the cheer, tweeting, “Prince on twitter! Let me go put on my Purple Rain outfit and a fly boot to match! Legendary is his name!”

Long may his Purpleness reign on Twitter!



Photo credit: @3rdeyegirl

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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