This Toddler’s Guy Fieri-Themed Birthday Party Will Take You Straight to Flavortown

CAmpbell Stein poses with the cakes at his Guy Fieri themed birthday
Image Source: Nataly Stein

Heads up: If you’re obsessed with Food Network like most of America, you’re going to love this story. You’ll also probably love this story if you love food in general. And babies. And parties. (Okay, so that basically means all of us.)

True Food Network fans know all about Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (AKA Triple D). They’ve followed Guy Fieri and his bleach-blonde hair all over the country, as he tries the most well-known dishes at local restaurant favorites. In fact, some Triple D lovers (like me) may even search out the restaurants featured on the show as they travel to new cities, so they too can sample the best cheeseburgers, tacos, and fish sandwiches America has to offer.

Which is why the mere thought of a Guy Fieri-themed toddler party brings me a special kind of joy (and also makes me jealous that I didn’t think of it). But that’s exactly what California mom Nataly Stein recently did for her son’s first birthday — and no surprise, she’s now going viral for it.

Cut-outs of guy Fieri for the photo booth
Image Source: Nataly Stein

Stein, who owns three Great Dane Bakery locations in the golden state, is obviously already a food-lover herself, but she admits that she’s never actually seen Fieri’s show. (To that I say, you’re missing out, girl.) But when her son started to resemble Fieri’s spiky blonde hair and round cheeks, the party-planning wheels started to turn.

Also, having an epic food-themed party is pretty fitting for little Campbell, as doctors initially worried he might have a rare disease that would make him prone to food allergies. Thankfully, however, tests cleared the toddler and he was good to go and enjoy all the foods at the party, which was aptly called “Flavortown” by his mom.

Campbell Stein smiles while riding in a teal-colored Corvette.
Image Source: Nataly Stein

And what a party it was. After lots (and lots) of planning, 150 guests were greeted by a life-sized Guy Fieri cut-out and some pretty impressive photo props. They also dined on four incredible cakes shaped like oversized pizza, pancake, hamburger, and plate of nachos (all of which are bigger than her baby).

Stein, who’s a former event-planner, says that throwing over-the-top kids parties like this isn’t exactly new for her — she even threw a “Brody for President” party for her older son, who turned 1 year old right before the 2016 election.

“I realize this is completely excessive and nuts,” Stein admits to Babble. “I have never pretended this party was all about my baby. It was an adult party and we had fun dressing up, eating and celebrating Campbell’s health and me and my husband surviving another year as parents. Is Flavortown really Flavortown if the whole town isn’t there?”

She’s not wrong. Also, good for her for throwing exactly the party she wanted to celebrate with family and friends.

Stein adds that one of her favorite party features was the Campbell Soup donation station (see what she did there?), where guests were asked to donate canned goods for a local women and children’s shelter, rather than bringing gifts for Campbell.

Cans of Campbell's Soup are shown near a sign for guests to donate funds to a local shelter at Campbell Stein's Guy Fieri-themed birthday.
Image Source: Nataly Stein

No detail was left untouched.

From the invitations that came with images of Campbell dressed exactly like Fieri …

Invitation for Campbell's birthday shows his face photoshopped onto Guy Fieri's body.
Image Source: Nataly Stein

To the milkshake bar and Triple-D themed cookies ….

Two adults cheers their milkshake glasses at Guy Fieri-themed birthday
Image Source: Nataly Stein

To the ADORABLE Triple D-themed cookies …

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive-themed cookies ranch from a taco to a Corvette
Image Source: Nataly Stein


I’m pretty sure Stein’s guests will never forget this day. I mean, there was even a RANCH FOUNTAIN.

A guest dips a chicken wing into a ranch dressing fountain
Image Source: Nataly Stein

The jury is still out on whether or not the big guy himself got wind of such an epic party in his honor, but Stein says she’d love him to pop in to one of her bakeries and try a slice of their signature blue velvet cake. Talk about a dream come true!

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