Stay Cool — Hallmark Just Added Even More Christmas Movies to Their Holiday Line-Up

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UPDATE: Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, Entertainment Weekly revealed on July 12 that the Hallmark Channel plans to add two more Christmas-themed movies to its 2018 holiday line-up, bringing the grand total to 36 new films — the channel’s biggest holiday debut yet! Better clear your holiday schedule now, because you’re going to have a pretty busy December … 

While some of you are nestled under your comforters, praying for a higher power to deliver you from the grasp of this never-ending winter, our homies at the Hallmark Channel just forecasted another epic, impending storm … of holiday emotions.

That’s right! Christmas came early yesterday for Hallmark fans (such as myself) when the network announced plans to release 34 new holiday movies next season.

Wait; did I just type THIRTY-FOUR? Like, one for each day between Thanksgiving and Christmas and a couple more thrown in on the weekend for some serious, cinnamon-scented holiday movie marathons? UH, YEP. I SURE DID.

If you’re like me and you share your love for Hallmark holiday movies openly for the entire world to see, bring it right in here for a chest bump, sister. If you’re living in denial and haven’t yet given yourself over to the sugary sweet freedom of a Hallmark tale of Christmas drama and romance, well step right up and hit the button my friend, because this elevator’s going up 34 stories, all the way up to the top.

Along with their sister property, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, the networks known for their wholesome programming will begin airing the new lineup starting on October 27 during their trademark Countdown to Christmas.

If I was a betting woman, which I am, I’d put my money on at least three new films about cookie baking championships, four about winter festivals (complete with string-lit gazebos, parades and float building competitions), and at least a couple nail biters about the city girl who finds love when she has to return home to take over her family’s failing Christmas tree business.

Yeah, this ain’t my first rodeo, partners.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the networks have confirmed that the new movies will feature familiar faces like Danica McKellar and Kellie Martin. No mention of my ride or die Hallmark honey, CCB (Candice Cameron Bure) yet, but I’m holding out hope that my girl will appear in at least a few of the new flicks.

For those of you currently worried that October is too far away for your festive holiday fix, never fear: The networks still plan to air some of last season’s favorite features during their wildly popular Gold Crown Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries from June 29-July 8, and during from Hallmark Channel’s beloved Keepsake Christmas from July 6-July 15.

Until then, stay strong and stock up on hot chocolate, my sappy movie-loving sisters. Hallmark Movie season is just around the corner!

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