This ‘Harry Potter’-Themed River Cruise Needs to Be Your Next Getaway

Harry Potter fans are freaking out this week (and rightfully so) over the news that this summer, a Harry Potter-themed river cruise will set sail along England’s River Thames. Yes — SERIOUSLY.

The Harry Potter Magic Cruise is kicking off this August, thanks to a cruise company known as The Barge Ladies (which, total side note, is a pretty adorable name, no?), though as of now, tickets are limited. The weeklong river cruise will disembark from Hampton Court (AKA right near Henry VIII’s former digs) and stop off at various filming locations used during the Harry Potter movies — like Picket Post Close (the real-life setting for 4 Privet Drive, as featured in The Sorcerer’s Stone) and Oxford’s Christ Church College, which served as a model for Hogwarts’ Great Hall. They’ll even stop off at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, where Potterheads can check out props, costumes, and more that were used during filming. And while riding the vessel, guests can dine on Hogwarts-inspired fare — perhaps even some butter beer!

If that itinerary sounds pretty much perfect, that’s because it was designed by a fellow Potter-obsessed fan.

“The itinerary is my baby and it has been a professional highlight to see it come to fruition,” Barge Ladies founder Stephanie Sak recently told Good Morning America.

“Professional highlight” might just be an understatement. Since word of the river cruise first hit Twitter, fans have been more or less beside themselves with excitement.

The cruise will cost you a pretty penny, though: The rate is currently $4,190 a person, and as of now, there are only two sailings — one that runs from August 5-11 and a second that goes from August 19-25. And the boat itself isn’t a huge ocean-liner — it can only hold 8 guests at a time, so tickets are (understandably) going fast.

Still, a week on the River Thames immersed in all things Harry Potter?! I’d say that’s pretty priceless.

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