This Couple’s Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Will Transport You Straight to Hogwarts

Harry Potter wedding
Image Source: f27 Photography

Twenty-one years ago, the world met a scrawny kid with glasses who lived under the stairs. No one could have imagined how famous he and his friends would become as they adventured through Hogwarts over the years. But now, that boy with the scar on his forehead is one of the most beloved literary and movie characters of all time. In fact, this past week was his birthday, and it was celebrated with movie marathons, spells, and makeshift quidditch matches all over the world.

Not just kids love this magic, however. Harry Potter culture is such an obsession that nowadays, adults who grew up loving Harry, Ron, and Hermione may even decide to have a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

It’s the love for the wizarding world that Muggles couldn’t see that photographers Leah and Isaac Hsieh, owners of f27 Photography, were banking on as they shared their photo coverage of a recent Harry Potter wedding. Needless to say, in the now-viral photos, Harry Potter details are everywhere.

wedding food
Image Source: f27 Photography

“The gorgeous spread of food by Chef Cordelia was modeled after the Hogwarts Feast and had a Golden Snitch at the top,” Leah tells Babble. “And the bride’s earrings were the Deathly Hallows symbol from the last book and movies.”

Not only that, but the wedding’s location was decked out too! Leah says that the wedding coordinator “created a greenery archway filled with floating keys to replicate the flying keys Harry must puzzle out from the first book.”

Also, a calligrapher lettered the vows to include the iconic “I Solemnly Swear” phrase …

wedding vows
Image Source: f27 Photography

… as well constructed gorgeous table settings, one of which was aptly labeled “Table 9 3/4,” and included characters like Remus Lupin and Sirius Black on them.

Image Source: f27 Photography

Of course, there were real wooden wands and a Harry Potter-themed cake, complete with “silhouettes of the boys in their animagus and werewolf forms,” according to Leah.

Image Source: f27 Photography

The photographers share with Babble that rather than channeling a Harry/Hermione/Ron type-wedding, they actually used James and Lily as inspiration, which explains the antlers as decor (James’ nickname was Prongs since he was an animagus who could transform into a stag) and the bride’s lace dress, which the Hsiehs thought was something Lily would have worn to marry her beloved James in the 1970s.

The photography duo shares with Babble that this idea was extra enjoyable, as they too, are die-hard Harry Potter fans.

Image Source: f27 Photography

“I must say I’m the bigger nerd,” says Leah. “I draw [Harry Potter] art and listen to the audio books when I go on trips. And of course I have my house pride with my Ravenclaw cardigan and scarf! But [Isaac] loves it too. We rewatch the movies together every Christmas and love to talk about the world J.K. Rowling created.”

Now, thanks to this incredibly designed photo shoot, fans just like them can be inspired to “solemnly swear to be up to no good” together, forever — as James and Lily once did so many years ago. All you need is Dumbledore to officiate!

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