Harry Styles’ Toddler Doppelgänger Is Too Cute for Words

Two-year-old Michael Rangamiz has been recognized by “Directioners” as the Mini Harry Styles. After looking through his pictures, we can see why.

When we first stumbled upon Rangamiz’s Instagram, which is managed by his mom Anna, we couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces. First off, he’s the cutest toddler we’ve ever seen (except for our own, obviously). Secondly, his ability to replicate the famed One Direction singer Harry Styles is truly impressive. And we’re not the only ones who think so: his account gained 40,000 followers within a month of posting the look-alike photos and has received comments from fans all over the world.

We had the chance to catch up with the toddler fashion star’s mom to learn the secrets behind the creation of “Mini Harry.” She told us that she never had the plan of turning her toddler into a celebrity copycat; the whole idea developed when a friend pointed out Styles during an award show and said, “Michael will look like him in some years.”

We certainly can’t argue with that; the resemblance is uncanny.

Ironically enough, mother and son are not One Direction fans. They prefer Michael Jackson, who the toddler is actually named after, and Beyonce, although they do admit to listening to a few 1D songs. When he’s not modeling for mom’s camera, Michael enjoys playing football with his dad, singing, painting, dancing, and having mom read him books. He’s just a typical 2-year-old with an advanced fashion sense (that he clearly inherited from his parents). Anna shared that when Michael was born, they “took him home in a white tie for newborn babies” and that she was excited to dress him up in different styles as he got older.

What we were really wondering was how Anna wrangles a wild 2-year-old to stay still for these adorable photoshoots. She revealed that she treats the shoots like a game, telling us, “I show him trees, clouds, birds, and tell some interesting stories about them.” She has about a 10-minute window in which Michael is focused enough to take the pictures. (We definitely need to try this tactic for next year’s Christmas card.)

While the photos have gained Michael some fame, his parents make it known that the more important things are “his education, personality, character, feelings, and interests.” The clothes are just a bonus.

We think these “twin” photos are amazing and couldn’t wait to share some of our favorites with you. Here are nine adorable photos that prove we found Harry Styles’ toddler doppelgänger.

1. Michael walks with the same swagger as Styles.

2. The only crime here is that in a few months, that awesome bomber jacket won’t fit him!

3. That hair! We meant to ask what product he uses …

4. We really can’t get enough of those baby aviators.

5. Goodbye #ManBunMondays, hello #ToddlerBunTuesdays.

 6. Proof that the mixed prints trend lives on.

7. We may even try out this patriotic look ourselves …

8. Not many 2-year-olds, or adults, can pull of a hat like that.

9. It’s no wonder this first image sparked the “Mini Harry Styles” craze.

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