Has Lady Gaga Lost it?

Lady Gaga seen leaving her hotel as she wears a halloween costume in LondonFor the record: I am a fan. “Born this Way” is my go-to dance track at every wedding/party/DJ-led event I shake my thang at. I have rejoiced at how Gaga has transcended female pop singer stereotypes and created her own unique look, and I’ve loved much of her music, which, while not genre-defining, has certainly been memorable.

But this weekend, Gaga strode into London town as part of a promotional tour, ahead of her ARTPOP album release on November 8th, and things took a slightly odd turn, even for her …

Having already taken part in some bizarre performance art in Berlin, her first UK appearance was at London’s G-A-Y club, wearing an ethereal smock dress and looking like a ghost from Christmas centuries past, which she promptly dropped and then waltzed (very slowly) off stage, as naked as the day she was born. Now, Gaga has carried off a dress of meat — replete with matching bag. This isn’t a woman who needs to be actually bone naked to make a point.

Next up was a performance on X Factor on Sunday night, which left fans largely underwhelmed. Wearing flesh-colored underwear (reminiscent of Miley’s VMA outfit), she sang and danced through two tracks: “Venus” and “Do What U Want.” Instead of garnering praise for her performance, the fact that drew most headlines was that she and Sharon Osbourne reconciled after waging a bitter war of words throughout this year. Gaga oddly presented Sharon with a birthday cake for Kelly (although Kelly is currently not in the UK), which Kelly has already taken to Twitter to criticize, stating: “I like dessert. But I prefer the truth… it’s sweeter.”

Followers took to Twitter to show their disappointment, with one fan saying, “I’ve heard better karaoke at my local [pub],” and another, “Which of Madonna’s looks can I rip off this week? Oh yes, the religious iconography one.” For every fan that loved her performance, which involved the singer performing in front of Botticelli’s The Birth Of Venus, there were several others who were unhappy at her state of undress or the fact that she crawled across the studio floor.

As the UK braced itself for the worst storms to hit the country since 1987, Gaga stepped out in the the rain today (see above pic), wearing a dress that appeared to be made of … paper. You’ve got to hand it it her — she never fails to surprise. No one can doubt that Gaga has always championed her “art” and expressed this in how she’s dressed. But with her hotly tipped single “Applause” failing to make it to No. 1 in the UK and America, is she now a case of style over substance? Without cracking music to back up her bizarre costumes, is this merely the emperor’s new clothes?

I for one — a “little monster,” as she calls us — am willing to bet that for every flop record, there will be a greater one waiting in the wings. For every try-hard (or lack, thereof) costume, there will be a Dali-esque extravaganza or comedy hat to brighten up our day. When ARTPOP hits the shelves and no doubt rockets to Number 1 in the album chart, the lady who reportedly earned $32 million this year will be laughing all the way to the bank.

How’s that for style, eh?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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