Hatchimals Are Back with a Brand New Toy Your Kid Will Be Begging For

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There’s an old story my mom still likes to tell, about a time way back in the 80’s when she witnessed two other moms get into a literal fist fight over a Cabbage Patch doll at the mall. It was the hottest must-have toy in the country at the time and it was the last one on the shelf. And while my young heart was teetering on the edge of breaking if I didn’t get my grubby hands on one, my mom wasn’t about to come to blows over it with a complete stranger. Christmas morning that year was filled with tears when I realized there was no doll for me under the tree after all. And while  I finally did get a Cabbage Patch for my birthday — just three short months later — by then, I didn’t care. I had missed the wave of toy hysteria, and I was on to the next thing.

Such was the case last year, when my kids lost their ever-loving minds over the newest hit toy for 2016: Hatchimals — which sold out fast in stores and quickly climbed to hundreds of dollars on second-hand seller sites like EBay.

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to wrap my mom brain around this toy. In case you’re still unfamiliar, Hatchimals are basically hybrid made-up animals that come inside an egg, which is made out of some kind of nearly-indestructible material. Kids are instructed to care for the egg by doing a variety of tasks to encourage it to “hatch,” upon which time the egg will crack open to reveal the cute and colorful pet that’s been growing inside.

Part of me wanted to tell my kids, “If you want to nurture something, why don’t you go nurture your bedroom floor and clean it up? Maybe that will ‘encourage me to give you your allowance!” … but I digress.

Well folks, it looks like the makers of Hatchimals are at it again this year, with the latest release of Hatchimals Surprise! According to a statement obtained by Babble, Hatchimals Surprise is just like the original in that it “requires kids to nurture the egg through the hatching stage.” But this time, there’s a twist: “Once the hatching process is complete, the big secret is revealed — it’s TWINS!”

That’s right … twins. (Twice the fun, amiright?)

Image Source: Spin Master

I honestly chuckled when I first read this news, and imagined being up all night “nurturing” two teething colicky furry animals. How many diapers and bottles would two go through? my mom brain wondered.

According to Hatchimals’ creator Spin Master, the new toys are available now online, as well as at retailers nationwide, and offer two new species: Giravens (identical twins) and Peacats (fraternal twins)— each with their own unique personality.

Image Source: Spin Master

“The twins love spending time together and they can recognize one another — including telling secrets, playing games and dancing — creating endless play opportunities for kids,” a statement from the brand explains, adding that kids can rub the bottom of the egg to get the creatures ready to hatch.

OK, I admit it, this sounds pretty fun and I am counting the minutes for when my kids hear about this and put Hatchimals Surprise at the tippy top of their Christmas wish lists. (But I’m also praying it stays in stores long enough that I don’t have to throw down hundreds to actually get one under the tree.)

Image Source: Spin Master

While it may be kind of annoying to run all over Kingdom Come looking for a toy, it is also kind of sweet that they have imaginations as big as the sky and can get so excited to play. In a world that demands kids to hurry up and be adults, letting them flip out over fun silly toys seems like a small price to pay for a wonderful childhood memory.

Now, if only Hatchimals could create a toy that gets kids excited to clean their freaking rooms!

Article Posted 10 months Ago

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