Hayden Panettiere Cleaning Up Toddler Pee on an Airplane Is So Relatable It Hurts

As a mother of two young boys (and one on the way!), I know a thing or two about the mishaps that can occur when trying to potty train. Take, for instance, that time my toddler tried “pee like Daddy,” and stood in the front yard attempting to whiz into a bush — right in front of the neighbors. I was equal parts embarrassed and amused by the display as I rushed to try and get my child to zip up and understand that there is a time and a place.

So, when I saw Hayden Panettiere’s hilarious tweet about her daughter peeing on the bathroom floor of a plane this week, I wanted to give the Nashville star both a hug and also a high-five.

The photo, along with her reaction, is absolutely priceless:

“Aaaand then your daughter pees on the floor of the airplane bathroom,” Panettiere captioned her tweet. “But look at that baby girl helping momma clean.”

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