HBO’s Girls Makes Me Miss My 20s and Love My 30s

The DVR is already set to record the premiere of season three of HBO’s Girls when it broadcasts this Sunday. Lena Dunham revealed last week that the new season will begin on solid footing. “Hannah is in a better place than we’ve ever seen her,” she said. “She’s in a committed relationship, she has a book deal and she’s promised to really put in the work … but of course, this is Girls, so things can’t stay very good for very long.”

The very first time I watched Girls I felt awkward and uncomfortable, and yet the characters on the show felt so familiar to me. I didn’t relate to any one girl on the show, but I related to the angst of being in a big city in your 20s and being a bit adrift with WHAT NEXT. Lena explains the appeal of the show saying, “I think there is something about the struggle of finding yourself, feeling like you have a place in the world, feeling connected that is universal.”

Sometimes when I watch Girls I feel incredible nostalgia for my life in my 20s. But most of the time it makes me so thankful to be on the other side of all of that angst and stress. There is a panic that I had in my 20s about needing to achieve and at the age of 38 I just don’t feel that “end of the world stress” about being on top of the world anymore. Watching Girls is like watching a toddler learn how to walk: It’s amusing and yet cringe-y.

5 Reasons Why I Watch HBO’s Girls:

Season 3 of HBO's Girls

1. I lived in NYC in my 20s.

When I lived in NYC it was the mid-1990s. I used a beeper and a pay phone to get in touch with my friends. I was afraid of everything the first year I lived there. Watching these girls live as modern women in a modern world is so fascinating to me.

Season 3 of HBO's Girls

2. I love everything Shosh.

Zosia Mamet brilliantly plays Shoshanna Shapiro, the character I often find myself relating to the most on Girls. Shosh always means well, always roots for her friends, and never seems to be afraid to ask a question. The part was never supposed to go beyond an episode or two, but Zosia impressed Lena at the first table read and they expanded the part. Lena says, “Zosia’s read — her odd intonations, her roiling insecurity — gave me the sense that Shoshanna could be something much larger.”

Season 3 of HBO's Girls

3. I love seeing the group of female friends.

When I was in my 20s, my closest friends were my two roommates. The three of us all worked in the same industry, and we were all slightly arty/nerdy/quirky. A crazy Saturday night would begin with a lasagna tasting contest followed by disco dancing followed by staying up all hours talking about politics. It was a blast! Watching the group of friends on Girls reminds me of the sort of absurd things you do in young friendships.

Season 3 of HBO's Girls

4. Girls is written to be honest.

It is obvious when you watch the show that it aspires to be as real as possible when presenting what life for this demographic is like. Last year Deborah Schoeneman, one of the writers on the show, explained that Lena and showrunner Jennie Konner only wanted to work with writers who brought something authentic to the table. “They were not interested in a lot of writers who had lots of credits. They were interested in getting a diverse group of people and people who had a lot of life experience, people who were interested in sharing their life experiences, who were oversharers, if you want.”

Girls Season 1 Soundtrack

5. The music is awesome and it’s going to get even better.

Many times after watching an episode I will quickly log online to find out what song was featured. The first place I ever heard Icona Pop’s “I Love It” was on an episode of Girls. Season three is going to be fantastic with songs! Manish Raval, the music supervisor of the show, just shared some details with “It’s the same sound, same vibe, but one thing that’s different this season is we’ve had the luxury of getting people to contribute brand new songs for us.” According to Rolling Stone, “this season will feature unreleased songs by Beck, Lily Allen, Jenny Lewis and Christina Perri.”
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What makes Season three all the more awesome is knowing, before the season has even begun, that there will be a season four!

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