Heathrow’s Christmas Bears Are Back, and They Will Leave You in a Puddle of Emotion

Last year, Heathrow Airport released a delightful little Christmas ad that had the Internet getting all sorts of emotional. It was called “Coming Home for Christmas,” and it followed the journey of an adorable old married couple traveling home for the holidays. The 1-minute spot showed the pair holding hands on the airport escalator, struggling to get their suitcases off the luggage carousel, and awkwardly navigating the moveable platform before finally being greeted by their family at the arrivals terminal. In short: They were your basic heartwarming, elderly couple. The kind you hope to one day be. Oh, except for one small difference: They’re a couple of teddy bears — complete with winter coats and spectacles — and they were ADORABLE.

Well folks, the teddy bears we all fell in love with are back — except this time, Heathrow’s new Christmas ad kicks it up a notch, by showing the story of how they first met.

The ad opens at Heathrow, circa 1967, when a young Grandpa Bear has a chance encounter with Grandma Bear on an airplane. She’s working as a stewardess on his flight, and he absentmindedly leaves his hat behind, causing her to run after him as he leaves and … well, cue the old-fashioned meet cute.

We then fast-forward through their love story, picking up again in 1977 when Grandpa Bear hops off the plane and is greeted at the gate by his now-wife Grandma Bear and their newest addition, who’s just beginning to walk and is wearing the tiniest pair overalls I’ve ever seen.

Image Source: Heathrow Airport/YouTube

Then comes 1987, after the Bear family has grown again to include one more — a little girl in roller skates and a tutu (because hey, it’s the ’80s, after all).

Image Source: Heathrow Airport/YouTube

Then we move to ’97, when Grandpa Bear walks through the gate to see his wife and two teens waiting for him yet again, looking … well, rather ’90s.

Image Source: Heathrow Airport/YouTube

Until finally, we jump ahead to present day, to see the Bear family has grown once more — this time, to include an adorable little grandbaby in a tiny onesie, who just can’t wait to give his grandpa a great big hug.

Image Source: Heathrow Airport/YouTube


Seriously, though, Heathrow yet again nailed it with this emotional ad, which gets right to the heart of what really makes the holidays special: being surrounded by those you love.

Article Posted 12 months Ago

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