20 Tweets from People Who Just Can’t Deal with This Summer Heat

funny tweet: ‘I’m sorry I put you through this.’ (Me to my legs as I put on pants in this hot a** weather)
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We spend nine months of the year dreaming about the warm temps and cool vibes of summer. But now that summer’s here and its heat is a little too hot to handle, we take it all back.

With humidity beyond all reason and sweltering temps that just keep climbing, we’re hot, sticky, cranky, and sweaty in all the wrong places.

We may not be able to take the summer heat, but at least we can laugh about it with the following tweets!

1. Ah, the good old days.

2. Flammable fears.

3. Enough moisture already!

4. Endless summer.


5. Relationship goals.

6. Our point, exactly.

7. Sweat dreams.

8. Maybe we’re just melting.

9. Boobometer.

10. This never happened.

11. It burns!

12. It was nice knowing you.

13. If you must know …

14. Toe no!

15. So, so sorry.

17. OK summer, you win.

18. Summer survival.

19. So gross. Sadly, so true.

20. Scary hairy.

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