Holderness Family Reminds Us All of the Good Things That Happened in 2016

Penn and Kim Holderness are at it again with a hilarious new Merry Christmas 2016 video. And while they kick off the video by saying, “let’s all agree this year has been meh,” they chose to sing and dance out all the positives of this year, ugly Christmas sweaters and inappropriate blow-up Santas sitting on toilets included.

In the video, which is shot in one continuous feed, the lovable couple and their kids point out all the things we should be celebrating in 2016. Like, the Cubs win (unless you are from Cleveland, of course), Chewbacca mom (seriously, no one can argue with that one), the Gilmore Girls return, Katie Ledecky’s triumphant show at the Rio Olympics this summer, and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s performance in Hamilton (because, duh).

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The Holderness family also got an adorable puppy named Ruby in 2016 that apparently has bladder control issues, but it doesn’t matter because when you see her you will want to EAT HER FACE OFF for all her fluffy adorableness. Equally as important, their son learned to do the worm. And while they point out it won’t “pay the bills,” I can tell you that dance move can be pretty impressive at weddings when he gets a little older.

The Holdernesses also remind us that in 2016 we all have a new set of emojis with which to lose our ability to verbally communicate with loved ones even further. Penn and Kim are partial to the “palm in face” while I have thoroughly enjoyed the “middle finger” emoji. Because sometimes the middle finger really can say it all.

They also point out some of the more important contributions to society in 2016. For instance, India planting 50 million trees in one day, fulfilling their promise to spend $6 billion to reforest 12 percent of its land. Over 800,000 volunteers made this possible. It’s amazing what people can do together when we all share a common goal and work to achieve it.

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The ozone layer even got a shout out since, “It’s starting to heal.” Why? Yep, you guessed it, “cuz we started keepin’ it real.” Don’t shoot the messenger here, I didn’t write that verse.

The point of the video, which is summarized in their chorus, is this: “Yeah, this year was hard, but a lot went right.” When it comes down to it, I think that’s a message we can all get behind. Namely, hold onto the good in your life, be grateful for what you have, and don’t take the people you love for granted. For as much as we have lost this year — the people, the progress, our faith; there is always good to be found. And as always, love trumps hate.

Thank you to the Holderness family for keeping us laughing and for reminding us of this.

Article Posted 1 year Ago

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