This 3-Year-Old Fashionista Is Rocking Instagram with a Style All Her Own

If you’ve got little kids, chances are they’ve donned princess dresses, Daddy’s shoes, and various other “dress-up” outfits from time to time — especially around age 3. That seems to be the favorite age for kids to channel their imaginations by dressing up as someone else. But it seems that for 3-year-old Hollie Lawlor from Dublin, Ireland, merely playing dress-up wasn’t getting it done. This child seriously upped her game — and now has a loyal Instagram following to show for it.

Hollie likes to regularly transform into grown-up fashionistas like Erika Fox, Melissa Carter, and Dominique Nugent — and share her best poses on her popular Instagram account, @along_came_hollie. Let me tell you, she nails it every time. In side-by-side images, the pint-sized star looks just the part as she mirrors the outfits and poses of these IG icons. Then there are the solo shots of Hollie, dressed up in a style all her own, as she dons her own mini-Chanel bags and Gucci T-shirts for her #OOTD.

(Seriously, if little Hollie could come get me dressed once in a while, it would be a drastic improvement to my daily mommy-wear attire.)

This natural-born model has a trademark personality that’s pretty evident in her photos, and her mom Pamela will tell you that’s 100% all her.

“Hollie is full of sass, and loves having her photos taken,” Pamela tells Babble. “Last year she asked Santa for a white Mini Cooper because ‘my mammy has one.'”

As you can see, she received it — and it’s to die for.

“At age 2 Hollie could recognize designer logos and name the brands!” Pamela adds. (There’s even an adorable video on @along_came_hollie to prove it!)

She sure knows how to dream big, this girl. And can you blame her?

Still, her mom is quick to point out that although little Hollie has a seriously refined sense of fashion, she’s just like any other 3-year-old in a lot of other ways, too. Namely, she loves to watch Doc McStuffins and “adores animals.” She also hopes to channel her love of singing and dancing by attending a theater school this September. (Just imagine the outfits she’ll get to wear!)

So how did a 3-year-old end up with her own Instagram account and thousands of loyal followers?

“I initially started making Hollie’s clothes when she was born and I started to sell them as I got so many compliments when we were out and about,” her mom tells Babble. “But I went back to work after my maternity leave and didn’t have time to continue with the Facebook business, so I carried on making outfits for Hollie and am still posting pictures up online!”

It looks like Hollie is sure glad she did. What a unique way for a mom and daughter to bond over their shared love of fashion.

Believe it or not though, even Hollie’s dad William is in on the action.

“[Hollie and I] also love to wear matching clothes and Daddy is the photographer!” Pamela says.

We can’t wait to see what little Hollie is up to in 10-20 years. Pretty sure our own kids will be wearing her clothing line to school one day …

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