Hollywood Reporter Reveals Biggest Celebrity Philanthropists

Celebrity PhilanthropistsThe Hollywood Reporter, an industry magazine focusing on the motion picture industry, has released their fourth annual celebrity philanthropists¬†issue. The special issue of The Hollywood Reporter features not only articles spotlighting the industry’s most powerful givers, but it also includes articles on Hollywood’s next generation of givers and a list of non-profit organizations who have the support of members of the entertainment industry.

This year the magazine featured 17 of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity philanthropists. Their list includes Harvey Weinstein, Ryan Seacrest, Robin Wright, and fourteen other Hollywood insiders who have not only contributed money, but also their time and influence to causes and charities.

The cover of the issue features sports agent Casey Wasserman, who is chairman and CEO of the Wasserman Media Group, and President Bill Clinton. When the former president joined forces with the American Heart Association to help educate children about exercise, health, and nutrition, he reached out to Wasserman for help. Wasserman is a sports agent and represents some of the world’s most famous athletes. He also considers President Clinton to be his mentor when it comes to philanthropy.

Clinton tells The Hollywood Reporter he often finds amazing partners in philanthropy in Hollywood.

“Hollywood holds unique power and influence… The considerable media attention that actors, producers, and musicians receive offers a platform to amplify a philanthropic message beyond what many nongovernmental organizations could do on their own.”

According to data from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the top Hollywood charitable donors (so far) of 2013 have been: Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, David Geffen, Oprah Winfrey, Sumner Redstone, and Gale Anne Hurd.

Seeing the names of Hollywood stars and executives on a philanthropy list is impressive to me. It certainly influences me. I feel a deeper connection to celebrities when I know they give back. I want to support their films, buy their CDs, watch their TV shows. I feel this way about philanthropy and causes in general. Don’t we all?

I think about this stuff when I am in the grocery store in the massive bread aisle. Once I have narrowed it down to the kind of bread and determined that the cost is the same, if I knew that one of the bread companies was into charitable giving, I’m buying that bread. This goes for figuring out which film to rent on a friday night. If there are several choices and I recognize that one of the actors or filmmakers has been singled out for their philanthropy, I will happily rent that film, and actually feel good about doing it, as if I am now contributing to their cause indirectly.

Have you ever been inspired to support a celebrity’s film or album after finding out they give to charity?

Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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