Hot Bearded Dads

There’s a new study that shows men with beards make hot dads. Yep, guys. Science has proven what your wife has been telling you all along: Women like beards.

In the experiment men and women judged attractiveness, health, masculinity, and parenting abilities based on photographs of men who were clean-shaven, lightly or heavily stubbled, and fully bearded. Women judged faces with heavy stubble as most attractive. Heavy beards, light stubble, and clean-shaven faces were judged as less attractive.

However, men with full beards received the highest rankings for parenting ability and healthiness. Personally, I’ve never eyed a beard and thought, “Mmmm. Healthy.” But you just can’t argue with scientific results: Big beard=Good baby daddy.

Want to see if hot bearded dads are your thing? Check out some of your favorite celebrity dads in various stages of stubble.

  • Hot Bearded Dads 1 of 18
    David Beckham

    Don't cover it up, Beckham. We need to determine just how attractive, healthy, and masculine you are!

  • David Beckham with a Mustache 2 of 18
    Football star David Beckham seen captaining the LA Galaxy in a 3-0 victory against the Vancouver White Caps at the Home Depot Centre in Los Angeles
     It's a little bit V for vendetta, but it works.
  • David Beckham with Light Stubble 3 of 18
    DADDYS GIRL! David Beckham walking in Kensington, London with daughter Harper

    Yep. Science hit the nail on the head.

  • Buble’s Baby Beard 4 of 18
    Crooner Michael Buble seen dressed in smart casual attire as he leaves BOA Steak House restaurant with friends in West Hollywood

    Look at the cute burgeoning Buble beard. By the time Michael has his baby boy he'll be fully bearded and ready to take on fatherhood.

  • Jason Bateman Clean-Shaven 5 of 18
    Jason Bateman visits 'The Late Show with David Letterman' at The Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City

    I don't know—science might be wrong about Jason Bateman. He somehow manages to be clean-shaven AND radiate attractiveness.

  • Jason Bateman With a Beard 6 of 18
    Jason Bateman makes an appearance on 'Good Morning America' in New York City

    The beard: I could take it our leave it. You?

  • Matthew McConaughey Clean-Shaven 7 of 18
    Matthew McConaughey promotes his latest movie 'Mud' at the Apple Store in Soho

    I don't look at this and wish there was a beard there.

  • Matthew McConaughey with a Mustache 8 of 18

    I look at this and wish there were no mustache there.

  • Ben Affleck with Heavy Stubble 9 of 18
    Ben Affleck is seen arriving at a Santa Monica's office in his check-shirt in Los Angeles

    Ben Affleck always has some degree of stubble these days. Why? Because he is a healthy, attractive man and an awesome father.

  • David Arquette with Light Stubble 10 of 18
    David Arquette seen at 'Bootsy Bellows' in Los Angeles

    Sure. Why not?

  • Orlando Bloom with Mustache and Patchy Stubble 11 of 18
    Orlando Bloom flips the bird as takes off his helmet after an afternoon workout session at a gym in Hollywood

    Not my favorite.

  • Orlando Bloom Clean-Shaven 12 of 18
    Orlando Bloom is seen walking on his way to Guy Richie's pub the Punchbowl in Mayfair, London

    Flying in the face of science, my favorite.

  • Tobey Maguire with a Beard 13 of 18
    Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer Maguire at the 'Great Gatsby' World premiere at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City

    I don't know if the beard makes him look healthy and attractive, but it does at least make him seem old enough to be a father.

  • Tobey Maguire Clean-Shaven 14 of 18
    Tobey Maguire carries his daughter Ruby while walking to Sunday morning breakfast with his family

    Without the beard, this just looks like a cute photo of my son carrying his little sister.

  • Jude Law with Light Stubble 15 of 18
    Jude Law attends the 'Side Effects' premiere at the 63th Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin

    It's pretty nice to be able to see Jude Law's handsome mug.

  • Jude Law with a Beard 16 of 18
    Jude Law sports a beard as he leaves the The Little House Restaurant in London

    It's pretty nice to be able to see Jude Law's handsome mug covered with a beard.

  • Chris Hemsworth with a Beard 17 of 18
    'Thor' actor Chris Hemsworth cheerfully arrives at LAX where he signed autographs for fans before catching his flight

    I'm drawn to this man, not because he looks vaguely Asgardian, but because his beard is attractive, healthy, and masculine.

  • Chris Hemsworth without a Beard 18 of 18
    EVEN THOR NEEDS HIS MORNING COFFEE - Chris Hemsworth grabs a Cup of Joe after a morning workout in LA

    I don't miss the beard. Do you?

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