The Ultimate List of 30 TV and Movie Teachers Who Had Us Swooning

My son will start Pre-K the Thursday after Labor Day. He picked out a brand new Star Wars backpack this weekend, and if he could make time move, we would be looking at Thursday morning right now. He got to know who his teacher will be during some camp programs this summer, and a few days ago he met the new assistant teacher. I asked him, “What is the lady’s name?” He looked at me, insulted: “Mama! She is NOT a lady! She is a teacher!” So much reverence on the word “teacher,” as there should be. Having a reason to be excited to go to school every day will make all the difference for us.

For us grownups, Hollywood has given us some pretty hot TV and movie teachers. Granted, “hot” for me may not equal “hot” for you and vice versa. Although I am pretty sure I am not the only gal who is just a bit of a fan girl over Professor Snape. And how hot was Aisha Tyler as a paleontology professor on Friends?! You may laugh at some of my choices (and I will confess, accents play a HUGE role for me), but at the end of the day, teachers ARE hot.

Did we leave anyone off the list? Who would you add?

30 TV and Movie Teachers Who Had Us Swooning:

  • Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed 1 of 30

    Let's just all take a moment and sigh ... Mr. Coulson is the English teacher we all would have had a crush on in high school. 


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  • Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher 2 of 30

    Elizabeth Halsey, played by Cameron Diaz, is baaaaaaaad. But (SPOILER ALERT) she doesn't stay that way ... much. 


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  • Paul Rudd in Admission 3 of 30

    Admission was not all that I hoped it would be (even though it had two of my favorite actors in it), but Paul Rudd as the passionate and inspired teacher at Quest School made me wish I was a freshman. 


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  • Christina Hendricks in Detachment 4 of 30

    Ms. Madison is a teacher who has invested so much of herself into her life as a teacher that she has no idea who to be or what to do between the end of school on Friday afternoon and the start of classes on Monday morning. Christina Hendricks doesn't look like any math teacher I've ever had, but I do know many math teachers who have wanted nothing more than for their students to "get it."


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  • Laurence Fishburne in Akeelah and the Bee 5 of 30

    I loved the character of Dr. Joshua Larabee in Akeelah and the Bee. He pushed Akeelah to success, but she also helped heal him. Please tell me you have seen this inspiring movie! (Psst: It's available on Amazon.)


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  • Drew Barrymore in Donnie Darko 6 of 30

    Drew plays the super earnest English teacher Karen Pomeroy in Donnie Darko. She gives the students an assignment based on "The Destructors," which may or may not have inspired Donnie to flood the school. But, like I said, she is really earnest. It's a mad world. 


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  • Anthony Head in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7 of 30

    Does Giles belong on this list? I don't know, YOU try telling a librarian they aren't really a teacher. This is where I confess my Taster's Choice era crush on Anthony. (VIDEO of a Taster's Choice Commercial from the '90s)


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  • Sharon Leal in Boston Public 8 of 30

    Marilyn Sudor, played by Sharon Leal, was an English and music teacher on David E. Kelley's TV series, Boston Public. What she brought to the character was just ... wow. It reminded me of favorite teachers I had that I knew always believed in me. (VIDEO of Sharon in a powerful scene in Boston Public)

  • Hugh Laurie in House MD 9 of 30

    Dr. House was probably not the best teacher at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, but oh those baby blue eyes ...


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  • Debbie Allen in Fame 10 of 30

    As a kid determined to study performing arts, I hung on every word of every teacher in the movie and then TV show version of Fame. The teacher who inspired the most? The dance teacher Miss Grant, who never told her students they couldn't achieve; she just told them they had to work for it. "You got big dreams. You want fame. Well, fame costs. And right here's where you start payin'!" (VIDEO of Miss Grant's famous "fame" speech)


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  • Russell Johnson in Gilligan’s Island 11 of 30

    Oh come on, you KNOW you thought The Professor was hot. So maybe he couldn't figure out how to build a raft, but he rocked a button down like it was his job. 


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  • Kyle Chandler in Friday Night Lights 12 of 30

    Coach Taylor was more than a coach on Friday Night Lights; he was also a father figure to most of the boys on his team. He saw the potential in his players and never hesitated to push until it was reached. 


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  • Connie Britton in Friday Night Lights 13 of 30

    I'm calling Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights a "life teacher." Her role on the show was so much above and beyond that of a guidance counselor. She made tough-love tender. And she did it with awesome hair.


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  • David Schwimmer in Friends 14 of 30

    Personally, I never found Ross to be lava-level hot on Friends, but what I did appreciate about him was his enthusiasm for all things geeky. His genuine love for dinosaurs and his job at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History was adorable. 


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  • Aisha Tyler in Friends 15 of 30

    Professor Charlie Wheeler was one HOT paleontologist on Friends. While Aisha Tyler was only in 9 episodes of the comedy, she was certainly a character many people remember ... fondly. 


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  • Scott Cohen in Gilmore Girls 16 of 30

    While I was always pretty solidly Team Luke, I will admit to having a soft spot for Rory's English teacher, Max. When he fell for Lorelai, it was completely charming. The 1,000 yellow daisy proposal at the end of Season 1 was beautiful. 

    Side note: I really miss Gilmore Girls


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  • Maggie Smith in Harry Potter 17 of 30

    There is something about the way Professor McGonagall always knew just when to show up for a rescue that makes her more than magical. Firm, direct, and fair, but there was always a kindness behind her eyes. 


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  • Alan Rickman in Harry Potter 18 of 30

    Here's how I know, without a doubt, that there are a lot of hearts beating for Professor Snape: EPIC fan fiction. There are also many websites dedicated to Snape loyalty and, um, affection. 


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  • Orlando Jones in Drumline 19 of 30

    "One band, one sound." There is a speech Orlando Jones gives as Dr. Lee during early training that is every bit as inspiring as you would hope it to be in Drumline. The best line? "You have to learn to follow before you can lead."


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  • Jane Lynch in Glee 20 of 30

    I know Sue Sylvester has some pretty obvious anger management issues, but her devotion to and passion for the Cheerios cannot be denied. 


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  • Billy Connolly in Head of the Class 21 of 30

    Okay, before you dare mock me for this choice, there are two points I should make: 1) I have a thing about plaid, and 2) I have a thing about Scottish accents. (VIDEO of Billy from a David Letterman interview promoting his role on Head of the Class. Note the accent...)


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  • Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 22 of 30

    We all know Indiana Jones was a dreamy archaeologist, but as Professor Jones, he made many students swoon. Remember the girl who wrote a message to him on her eyelids? (VIDEO of eyelid message)

  • Tina Fey in Mean Girls 23 of 30

    Ms. Norbury made math look super cool in Mean Girls. Didn't you want to be on the Mathletes? Even the ridiculous "pusher" rumor didn't slow this teacher down. 


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  • Ewan McGregor in Star Wars 24 of 30
    Hot for Teacher! 30 Teachers We Burn For

    Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the greatest teachers in the history of film. It is a bonus that Ewan McGregor, an actor who is not hard to look at, plays him so well. 


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  • Alyson Hannigan in How I Met Your Mother 25 of 30

    Lily may not be the most attentive kindergarten teacher, but Alyson Hannigan is so adorable in every role she plays, it is sometimes easy to overlook the moments when when she, um, just leaves the class.


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  • Ian Harding in Pretty Little Liars 26 of 30

    I have only just started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (NO SPOILERS PLEASE!), so I am all WHOA over the scenes between Mr. Fitz and Aria. And that is all I am going to say about that.


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  • Zooey Deschanel in New Girl 27 of 30

    Jess has had a varied career as a teacher. She gets fired from one teaching job, struggles to find herself, and then lands a teaching job with older kids. I like watching Zooey in this offbeat teacher role, as so often the "teacher" role on a show is this sort of cookie cutter "kindergarten" variety and not a teacher of older children. 


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  • Teri Polo in Meet the Parents 28 of 30

    What was it I was just saying about every teacher being a kindergarten teacher? Right ... Teri Polo plays eager-to-please Pam in Meet the Parents. She is, you guessed it, a kindergarten teacher. But obviously, her class adores her as they rally together to help Greg (almost) propose to her.


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  • Mark Harmon in Summer School 29 of 30

    Freddy Shoop, the P.E. teacher in charge of summer school, really gets great when the movie makes that fantastic 1980s-era plot turn. Mark Harmon, as Mr. Shoop, realizes he really does love teaching and he really does want the students to succeed. 


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  • Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science 30 of 30

    Kelly LeBrock wins all of the points when she becomes a gym teacher in Weird Science. She makes her entrance backlit and with a fan machine. There is even a hint of fog. Don't tell me you wouldn't pass out like these kids did! (VIDEO of Kelly's gym entrance)


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