How Did He Do It? Sherlock Pics Suggest Spoilers

If you’re a Sherlock fan you’ve been wondering for months, “How did he do it?!” And if you’re not, get out of here and go watch it until you are.

I am dying. I have scrutinized the photos released today by Pacific Coast News to try and figure out the very surprising finale of BBC’s 2nd season of Sherlock.

The delightful show—my favorite—is famous for it’s big cliffhangers after an always-too-short season. Fans can’t get enough. Season 3 is shooting now. Take a look. [SPOILERS]

  • image-3489 1 of 16
  • Watson Runs to See Sherlock 2 of 16
    Watson Runs to See Sherlock
    After Watson sees Sherlock jump, he runs over to find him.
  • Watson Falls 3 of 16
    Watson Falls
    Here we see him stumble on his way.
  • Grabbed by Stranger 4 of 16
    Grabbed by Stranger
    This weird stranger appears to be putting a whammy on Watson.
  • More Whammy 5 of 16
    More Whammy
    Is this guy hypnotizing Watson? It sure looks like it.
  • It’s Derren Brown! 6 of 16
    It's Derren Brown!
    Famous British illusionist, mentalist, and HYPNOTIST. He put our dear Watson under a spell. . . or something.
  • He Fiddles With Watson’s Watch 7 of 16
    He Fiddles With Watson's Watch
    I don't know why, but this must be part of Sherlock's giant convoluted plan to fake his own death.
  • Watson Immmobilized 8 of 16
    Watson Immmobilized
    How long did Watson lie here? With his watch compromised, who knows?
  • Sherlock’s Corpse/Double 9 of 16
    Sherlock's Corpse/Double
    Here we see some unknown guys dragging Sherlock's body into place.
  • Blood Bag 10 of 16
    Blood Bag
    A bag of blood is ripped open by this man—presumably from Sherlock's homeless circuit?
  • Pour on the Blood 11 of 16
    Pour on the Blood
    He pours the blood onto Sherlock's head.
  • Close Up of Fake Blood 12 of 16
    Close Up of Fake Blood
    And squirts it onto the pavement to create the bloody scene Watson will see when he wakes up.
  • The Indomitable Mycroft 13 of 16
    The Indomitable Mycroft
    Here comes Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's inscrutable brother. Notice the red handkerchief.
  • Moriarty Lives 14 of 16
    Moriarty Lives
    And here's the evil genius, Sherlock's nemesis, Professor James Moriarty—ALIVE!
  • Mycroft and Morairty 15 of 16
    Mycroft and Morairty
    Whatever happened, these 2 are complicit. They shake hands and Moriarty takes the scarlet handkerchief. Why?
  • They Part Ways 16 of 16
    They Part Ways
    And off they go, leaving poor Watson to grieve the death of his friend.

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