How Old is ‘Too Old’ to Have a Baby? (When so many celebs leave it for later…)

Does the photo below shock you?

That’s exactly what the “Get Britain Fertile” campaign is hoping! They transformed British TV presenter Kate Garraway into a heavily pregnant 70-year-old to provoke a debate about how late women should wait to have a child.

Apparently women in the UK delay having babies more than any other country — in the US the average woman has their first child at 25, whereas in Britain the age is 30.  The question is, how old is ‘too old’ to have a baby?

According to a survey by First Response (a pregnancy testing company), 1 in 7 women think having a child in her 40s is too old. Yes, you read that right. At 40 – too old! Yet all around us we see celebrity women having babies well into their forties.

Some argue that it is unfair to the child for a woman to have a baby later – that the mother won’t have the energy to meet all the child’s needs. That those who choose to leave it so late have been career obsessed, and too focused on enjoying their freedom and earning money to have children.

Critics of the campaign say that it is shaming women for making the choice to delay child-rearing: many women who left it later didn’t do so out of choice – but in fact because they hadn’t found the right partner, or didn’t feel financially stable enough to have children at a younger age. How many women do you know for example, who would love to have a baby, but never met Mr. Right?

When you look at the statistic that 70% of women over 55 in a YouGOV poll are opposed and ‘uncomfortable’ with the idea of a woman having babies at 40, you gotta ask yourself – are these women not just jealous? Jealous that our generation have had more opportunities than they had, and therefore more choice?

Are celebs only doing what we would all do if we had the money and the childcare that they have? Have lovely long careers and then decide to have a child?

Moreover, who are we to judge another woman’s choices? And for that matter – no one ever judges an older father, do they?

What do you guys think?


  • How old is too old? 1 of 8
    get britain fertile campaign

    Kate Garraway, backing the "Get Britain fertile" campaign. TV presenter Garraway, 46, feels she has left it too late to have her 3rd child, having had her first at 38 and second at 42. She wants to alert women to think about having children at a younger age than she (and her generation) did.

  • Uma Thurman 2 of 8
    Uma Thurman and partner Arpad Busson are joined by her children as they head into Club 55 in Saint-Tropez

    Uma Thurman had her daughter Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, known as 'Luna', when she was 41 years old. Here she is last week at age 42, with her gorgeous baby.

  • Kelly Preston 3 of 8
    Kelly Preston proudly shows off her baby bump at the premiere of her new movie "Casino Jack" during the Toronto International Film Festival

    Here is Kelly Preston pictured when pregnant at the age of 47. She had a bouncing baby boy called Benjamin in November 2010. Apparently she is quoted as saying she'd like another baby at 50!

  • Madonna 4 of 8
    madonna preggers

    Here is Madge preggers with Rocco at age 41.  Lookin' good and flying the British flag!

  • Halle Berry 5 of 8
    Halle Berry is seen showing off her baby bump while picking up her daughter Nahla from school in Los Angeles

    Halle had daughter Nahla in 2008 at age 41, and is now pregnant with her second child at age 46.

  • Mariah Carey 6 of 8
    Singer Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon at a photocall celebrating their re-newed wedding vows at the Plaza Athenee hotel on Avenue Montaigne in Paris

    Mariah, pictured renewing her vows with husband Nick Cannon, gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe at age 42, in 2011.

  • Geena Davis 7 of 8
    Geena Davis poses for photographs during her event a the the Plaey Center For Media in New York City

    At 45 Geena Davis gave birth to her daughter Alizeh, and at 48 she had twin boys Kian and Kaiis in 2004.

  • Marcia Cross 8 of 8
    Marcia Cross treats her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, to frozen yogurt after picking them up from school in Los Angeles

    Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross had twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, when she was 44.


All photos credited: Pacific Coast News 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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